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RE: Welcome!
(2021-05-01 17:27)Asherah Wrote:  ooo by the way, dusty- someone brought it to my attention that the adult board is accessible from the outside when you don't have an account. is there a way to fix that?

I put up a post about that on the staff-only board a while ago:

You guys on the staff kinda have to decide how you want everything set up. E.g.: If you want to have an adult-only area, you will have to decide how that will be done using the forum groups and then when you activate someone on the forums you will also have to take care to add them in the correct group, etc. I can help with automation somewhat but you guys will have to decide what you want the procedure to be first.

The forum permissions themselves can be configured by an admin, so I imagine that would be Elinox when she returns form vacation.

Just don't forget to let me know if you make something non-public, so that I can configure the SEO (that is working on making OKP easier to find using Google) accordingly.


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2021-05-01 18:54
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RE: Welcome!
(2021-05-01 10:55)DustWolf Wrote:  
(2021-04-30 22:01)Arethinn Wrote:  FYI, Gmail thought the password recovery email was spam. Since any existing user will probably want to do that, it might be a good idea to post an obvious notice about it somewhere.

Go ahead.

Sorry, I don't understand. Go ahead and what? I'm not staff here, it was just a suggestion because it happened to me when I was resetting my password. I was thinking maybe an info banner on the top of the site, or a pinned/sticky post in announcements or something.

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2021-05-03 20:19
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RE: Welcome!
I'm going to start playing around with settings behind the scenes soon so hopefully I can modify this.

Hopefully, I won't break anything permanently... Tongue

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Banner by me. If you want one too, see here.

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2021-05-04 0:37
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RE: Welcome!
Thanks Dust- your coding skills are really appreciated!

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WinkIf you have any issues, questions, or would just like to chat feel free to send me a private message.

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2021-07-08 12:30
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