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Welcome to the Otherkinphenomena forum.

You really have to follow these instructions! Instructions will update as you progress.

If you wish to post on, or access most of the content of our forum and our community, please click here to register first, then follow the instructions below. If you have already registered, please log in, in the above "Hello There, Guest!" box.

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Meet The Staff
The people who make this place safe!
OKP staff
What is being staff about?...
• Being Friendly
• Always a good attitude
• Emotional Stability & Emotional Intelligence
• Remaining Calm during Confrontations
• Being able to see situations from multiple perspectives
• Being able to understand and show compassion
• Always willing to help with a smile
Protecting the Community
• Ultimate Devotion for our members

Elinox - Site Owner

To be written

DustWolf - Techwolf

I'm technically not on staff, I'm just the resident techwoof.

Apply For Staff
Feel like you have got what it takes?
Answer these questions in your application:
• Why are you interested in this position?
• What qualities do you have that can benefit OKP forums?
• Have you ever been a mod before?
• How active are you?
• How much experience do you have with otherkin?
• Your Age?
• How long have you been on OKP?

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