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Welcome to the Otherkinphenomena forum.

You really have to follow these instructions! Instructions will update as you progress.

If you wish to post on, or access most of the content of our forum and our community, please click here to register first, then follow the instructions below. If you have already registered, please log in, in the above "Hello There, Guest!" box.

Thanks for understanding and see you around.

Rules to be followed.
  • 1. All members shall act in a civil manner. Please be polite and respective of other members beliefs. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
  • 2. Language shall remain professional at all times, excessive vulgarities or slang which will include slurs and chat language is prohibited. We are a PG/PG13 board.
  • 3. Members of the administrative staff have the final word, we are open to discussion but not to argument.
  • 4. This forum is here for support, as well as for learning. Content or placement of petty personal issues that serve to detract from these goals is prohibited. Save the drama for your journals please.
  • 5. Please watch your spelling and grammar. We have members who do not speak English as a first language so please be mindful of your punctuation and spelling.
  • 6. You must abide by the rules regardless of being aware of them. There is no need to reply to any rule changes/updates, but please be aware of them.
  • 7. After your account is activated, please have the courtesy to introduce yourself in the appropriate subforum. We don't mind if after that you prefer to read more posts as opposed to post any, but an introduction gives our members a chance to welcome you properly to the forum and to get acquainted with you. If you have 0 posts after a month of activation, your account will be deleted.

No forum has ever been, nor will be perfect. We can not please everyone. If you are not pleased with the site "as is" you have an option to leave.