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For awhile now, OKP has been getting new users registering who are not users at all but rather are spambots. At first, the forum was able to simply keep them out because of not having any information in their profiles being filled out or by having a jumbled username. Somehow though, the spambots got around that by having jumbled letters in their 'kin type, spirituality and sometimes gender fields in their profiles instead. We've even gotten spambots registering who have their own user pics. These "new users" are nothing of the sort and are spammers!

The mod team has been diligently deleting any new user who does not use coherent English words in their profiles. However, in case anyone has simply fallen through the cracks or if there is simply a bug in the system I wanted to make potential new users aware that if they are having trouble registering, or if they are deleted as a new user by accident to contact an admin privately. We're trying to keep this small forum spambot-free, and may therefore accidentally delete a real new user.

Thanks for your patience!

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2015-03-02 19:53
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Re: Spambots
As an add-on to what Elinox said, because of the spam bot issue all new user's first posts have to be approved by staff. So please post an introduction and we'll approve it as soon as possible.

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2015-03-02 23:54
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RE: Spambots
Been 6 years and they're still coming strong.


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WinkIf you have any issues, questions, or would just like to chat feel free to send me a private message.

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2021-07-19 10:27
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