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Recent Bans
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Recent Bans
Dear members, staff and guests,

In light of recent events of the forum, namely the enforcement of bans against several users who have been active and productive members of this community for a long time, we the staff have felt it necessary to clear the air as to why this has happened.

The first item is that we did not, and The Otherkin Phenomena does not and will not ban individuals for their beliefs. These bans were not the result of threads started about particular kin types or the stated beliefs of those kin types, such activity is supported and encouraged here as the purpose for this forum. What is not acceptable is being in breach of forum rules or announced intention to continue breaking rules despite warnings both public and private.

It is safe to continue discussion, it is safe to continue your daily actions on this forum, however read the threads of those banned users and see where they broke rules and try not to do that yourself. So long as we are discussing views based on beliefs, experience and evidence (when available) and responding in a civil manner to other users who will also question or comment in a civil manner, no one should be worried about being banned further.

We would be happy to have back anyone who was banned, but they must appeal to us (<!-- e --><a href="mailto:admin@otherkinphenomena.org">admin@otherkinphenomena.org</a><!-- e -->) in order to do so. We want assurance that banned members will continue to be in compliance with the rules. Please remember also that rule #8 forbids the creation of other user names and will result in a ban.

Any questions may be forwarded to any staff member via pm, and comments or complaints may put in through The Otherkin Phenomena anonymous feedback system: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://main.otherkinphenomena.org/feedback.php">http://main.otherkinphenomena.org/feedback.php</a><!-- m -->



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2008-08-31 14:11
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