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Others Entering Your Dreams
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Others Entering Your Dreams
A while ago, I had this dream once where I saw someone I knew & am not on good terms with & it was like they could see me. Someone in the dream told me that when someone has strong negative feelings towards you, they can enter your dreams. Not "a memory of them", but actually them as they currently are.

I had never heard this concept before at all, but I'm inclined to believe it, especially after experiencing that dream.

(If anyone's curious what my PFP is, I had a dream I saw mother nature once & she looked like this.)
2022-11-17 19:04
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RE: Others Entering Your Dreams
I don't know about having strong negative emotions giving someone the ability to dreamwalk if they didn't have it already... but there definitely are people out there who can do that kind of thing regardless.

Formerly known as Eshari.
arethinn @ tumblr and Dreamwidth | shyfoxling @ DeviantArt
2022-11-18 0:56
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