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Full Version: Spambot
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Found this dude, his name is almost English but his theriotype isn't.
And his intro is just random pictures of black widow and kittens.
Thank you Bubbles, I saw it right away when I logged in this morning. Been taken care of after I saw their intro full of spam!

Thanks for catching that.

Unfortunately, OKP has had an issue with random spambots for years. And since we were largely inactive for several years, the problem doesn't seem to have gone away.

Mods, if you come across a spambot "user" feel free to delete/ban them. Wink
Been working on getting rid of these guys.

I certainly don't want anyone to get a virus, not to mention they're just plain annoying.

Been working on referring some members as well so hopefully our newest member will actually be a real user soon.
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