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I started talking about it on the wrong thread so, moving to the right place...
A new member, hultsimer, mentioned that he was a "water demon" rather than a water elemental, because his energy was too chaotic to be of an elemental. I don't want to question it, but coincidentally, I've been thinking about it since I've joined OKP and learned a little about demons (I didn't know much about them before, as I don't know much about any other kin besides Fae). I've seen it's kinda defined based on the chaos element.
So. There is something about this chaos thing that I feel I can relate to. I'm not sure exactly how, maybe I'm getting it wrong, for feeling I belong to a wilder kind of fae. There's a little bit of a rebel inside me, and the desire to sometimes create a little chaos, nothing bad or evil, just messing around with things a little to induce changes or fun. And I've always felt attracted by the demon world somehow. But not as a belonger, just a sympathizer. I think I feel more attracted to demons, than to other fae. I even questioned myself if I couldn't be a demon instead of fae, but... no. That wouldn't feel right.
When I read hultsimer saying that he thought he'd be a water demon instead of a water elemental, I began to think, so if there's chaos, that makes you a demon? Do anyone else noticed the "chaos" element in other kins? Does any other Fae relate to that feeling?
It may not be quite the same question, but this thread has some relevant discussion:

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Fae can be very chaotic, or mischevious actually. Especially the little flying ones! Forget Disney, look around for some old folk tales. Just because demons are chaotic doesn't mean you're a demon. And, I'm sure a number of fae were called demons after the Christians moved in.
every red tabby is a cat, but not every cat is a red tabby.
demons are chaotic, but not every chaotic being is a demon.

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and yes, demons and fae do have some things in common. at some point i wondered if i could be fae, but it never felt right.
Not all beings that call themselves Demons are Chaotic either...
I don't see this as any kind of defining feature for the simple fact that humans can tend to be very chaotic.
Thank you House Hesson for pointing me to the other thread, it was very helpful. And thank you everyone else for clarifying that for me =D I'm young and learning, haha. Sometimes I'm afraid I ask too silly questions, when I realize their answers are actually pretty obvious... but well, that helped me to avoid a little identity crisis possibility hahah.
I understand how you feel about the demon sympathizer. I don't know how it happened but the last 4 relationships (before my husband) I've been in were with demons. I don't know how it keeps coming about, but it does. I usually don't learn about it until after the relationship was over and we became friends. I personally find it bizarre. It's rare enough to find Otherkin in general, but for all of the ones I've gotten into relationships with to have been nearly the same thing? Strange...
i seem to have an affinity for vampires, though i've only been with one (that i know of)... *shrug*
I'm in a current relationship which someone that seems to be a demon for me, though he knows nothing about Otherkin besides something I may have mentioned. My past relationships were with variated kinds of person, but were all very quick. This one is the longer one, and there is this fascinating love-hate perception of that I may be dealing with a demon. I know another faekin girl who does feel something very similar. I dunno, maybe it's some kind of taste to intensity that we think we may find on them. I believe Fae tend to always look for that lost intensity and passion, at least for what I know, even getting into trouble because of that sometimes, cause we go look for it in the "darker" corners... where the fun seems to hide.
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