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Full Version: Draconic theirian or not
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The topic of whether or not dragons and other mythical creature-kin should be considered theirans is a pretty old one but I'm just gonna throw it out to the dragons here as what they personally consider themselves.
As far as I'm concerned, the term dragon is ridiculously inclusive so it's no surprise that some dragons would view themselves in completely a completely different light then others. Makes writing an all inclusive dragon standard just about null and void.

Personally, i don't believe i consider myself a theirian at all. Therians to me are more Earthed based animals who (why while having myths and legends involving/concerning them) are still real world and proven to exist creatures. But then throw my brand dragons in and then there's this distinction between mythical and mundane. Not only that, but we had developed thoughts which were expressed threw advanced speech to communicate with not just each other but creatures outside our species as well.

So yeah i would consider myself an Earth based dragon, but still distant from most Earth based animals and closer to humans in that regard.
(hmm...that gives me an idea to take the the theiran board... <!-- s:twisted: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_twisted.gif" alt=":twisted:" title="Twisted Evil" /><!-- s:twisted: --> )

So how 'bout you guys? Think of yourself as a theirain or more in the mythical otherkin category?
If someone says they're a "dragon" in the sense of some kind of magical flying lizard with the intelligence of such, sure, that's a non-Earth therian. (Same as a tauntaun or a dewback is an animal).

If they consider their dragon aspect to have intelligence, culture, self-awareness, and all those traits which of which an animal might have a limited amount of one, but humans have a high aspect of all - then no, they're not animals, and so therian is not a useful term.
I'd agree with Archer pretty much on that.

I personally don't consider myself a Therian, but I also consider myself to specifically be a spiritual Dragon, not necessarily unlike how Angels and Demons are. So for me more 'mythical', though Dragons really do seem to come in a large variety ranging from animalistic to not so animalistic so therian as a term for dragon would probably be better in applying to a subset of dragons rather than the entire bunch at all.
I consider myself to have been a dragon in a past life. The quality of my experience is a little hazy now that I really think about it, so I couldn't really say for sure whether or not it counts as an earthly or mythical. However, I'm going to go with 'mythical' simply because dragons (in scale and blood) aren't found so often when you go hiking nowadays.
From what I have seen, it seems to really depend on whether the individual dragon is more at home/comfortable in either the Therian or OtherKin community (or both.)

In my five or so years thinking myself a dragon, I might have theorized that I was like a Dragon-kin in my own mind, but I generally associated with just dragons and those of us who thought we were one somehow on the inside just called ourselves "draconics," or "dragons." No need for real distinction.

But I have met dragons within the Therian community, who consider themselves Therianthropes. And some of them are not particularly Earth-based, or are indeed possessed of human-like-level of intelligence -- in many communities, just being a non-human animal is enough. So, again, I think it just depends on what community they found themselves in/made themselves at home in. I do know there are a fair amount of dragons who do not really identify with either term, as I used to.

Eh, I kept it simple for myself by basing it on structure. Dragon's are therians to me (though it's not like I'll go out and argue with the dragons that disagree), because they look like animals. They don't have a humanoid shape, so they're not physically "kin" to human. The use of the word "kin" there makes me think of relatives, so elves and fairies and other things that look similar to humans (similar in contrast to a dog's shape) seem more like "kin" to me.

Obviously it's just a simple, personal system, and I don't expect anyone else to agree with me.
*grins* with regards to the "kin" portion of otherkin, I've always felt that to be as such: "Other, but still kin (to the rest of humanity)" and explicitly about the "inside" not matching the physical body. This body is the -kin part, the Self is the other-. After all, the term otherkin doesn't refer to the shape of the other, but the fact that one is somehow "other" at all.

Anyways, I have typically regarded "therian" to be any earth-native, non-human creature. Everything else, including the fae, celestials, dragons, what-have-you, fall under the personal-use label of "Mythic". Mythic then spreads into various categories, so on and so on.
It depends on your definition of therian. If your definition involves a connection to earthly animals, then no dragon-kin are not therians. If your definition encompasses mythological animals, those not of this plane/world/etc. then yes, dragon-kin are therians. I personally consider them otherkin, but not therians. My personal definition of therian includes earthly animals only.
For my self I do seem to relate to therian more then otherkin' but would agree i am otherkin rather then therian and can see you point , chaitea But I think it should be what is right for the person but that's just my view.
wicthdragon Wrote:For my self I do seem to relate to therian more then otherkin' but would agree i am otherkin rather then therian and can see you point , chaitea But I think it should be what is right for the person but that's just my view.

that's why in this thread i was more going for what individual dragon otherkin related to more. Since the debate for what whether dragons do fit in the theiran group is still about in various places.

Personally, I'm not all that theireian (even though i do post in their topics quite a bit).
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