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Full Version: As opposed to having just lived as one
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Being a Dragon
As opposed to having just lived as one (maybe)

I got asked a question on another board and it got me thinking (dun Dun DUN)

Basically it was along the lines of whether I’d consider someone who had lived a life or two as a dragon the same as being a dragon (otherkin wise).
My simple and straight forward answer to that is no.
Now before I get called kinkiest (credit for this word’s creation goes to farlane), here my reason why:

When I talk about being a dragon, I am usually in reference to it as one’s core being opposed to just another past life. To specify a bit more, I believe that I had at least another life as a human after my draconic one and before this time around. But that doesn’t mean I’m a multikin of human and dragon. It would be the same to me if that other human life were as an animal or other mythical creature.

An analogy I just pulled out from under my scales:
Say you’re a straight chick. You go off to college, had a few beers, and for whatever reason ended up kissing a girl. Now just because you had a lesbian experience doesn’t necessarily make you one.

Now that’s not to say otherkin who had experienced a life as a dragon are to be counted out. I just don’t view them as dragon otherkin, but instead would go with draconic otherkin.
I often use the term “draconic” because it’s in reference to things that are dragon like, whether it’s a dragon or not. It’s broader in that sense and fit in both dragon otherkin and though had had an experience as a dragon.

Makes sense to me. I use the term Draconic because, as I've mentioned, I have a continual phantom shift to a dragon-like form but my core identity, I feel, is human, not dragon proper. To me Otherkin implies what you are now, not what you were.
I'm not one to nit-pick on this point, I don't demand that a person has to believe that their soul is a set species at it's core to call them selves kin to that particular species. Especially when the existence of that species of animal is not even provable to exist...
After all, there are otherkin that connect their "otherness" to a psychological phenomenon as opposed to a spiritual one.
That is all I have to offer.
I think this could really apply across the board, for many types, not just dragons. If somebody has had many past lives as many different types of beings, are they then an "everything"-kin? What if most of your lives were human, and just one life was of something else, like wolf, or elf, or something similar -- are you just human or are you elf-kin?
Personally, to me, it does have a lot to do with who you are now, what your spirit and/or mind is like now, and so forth. Now, this does not mean that having lived a past life as (being) excludes you from being a (being) OtherKin. I just do not think that such an experience automatically means you -are- that type of 'Kin in this life. Something has to be clinging to your core, your spirit, your mind, whichever, for whatever reason. Maybe most of your past lives were as a wolf. Maybe most of your past lives have been human, but your FIRST was as an elf, and on top of that elf has always clung to the essence of who you are throughout your various lives. Maybe dragon made such an impression on your soul, no matter how many lives ago it was nor how many of a dragon you might have had, that it is inseparable from you and any future lives you have now.
Um, short-winded answer is that I think it is very good for people to consider why they think themselves as 'Kin of a specific type. Did that one life have such a drastic impression, and if so why not any others you might have had? Living as something once in a past life does not necessarily a 'Kin in this life make, but as I said it does not necessarily exclude one from that category either. It is the thinking and considering, and life as you are living it now, which is most important.
Regarding this I always point to those religions and philosophies that accept or integrated in their system the phenomenon of re-incarnation. In India for example, live more then 700.000.000 people, a big part of them Hindus. Those Hindus have one thing in common: They believe in re-incarnation, the Buddhists also do this.

If one says that in one former life he was a dragon, this makes this person not to an Otherkin, otherwise all Indians would be Otherkin that believe in Reincarnation, because all Plants and Animals, Deities and the rest are in the line of possibility to be incarnated as over there.

On the other hand, Ix have a point.

For my own part: I lived at least once as a human, besides this life. But even in this "former" life I was conscious being a Seraph, a fiery serpent, living as human.
first thanks for the credit chai.
second i believe that you can live as one being and be a another type of kin, say you are a dragon, and then get reincarnated in to a wolf, then a human, what are you, you are not all three. however have a thought dose the order of lives determine kinship. if i was a dragon, then a wolf am i dragon kin, if was a wolf then a dragon am i a wolfkin ( i know this s the wrong term sorry)

any thoughts
agreed, I think confusion can set in if memories don't have a chronology to them. You could remember a draconic life and a wolf life and not be sure which is which, and experience thoughts and mannerisms attributed to both. Thus someone might say they are a mixed kin based on ignorance of their own history.

My take on it anyway.
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