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Full Version: My Extremely Dodgy "Evidence" of a "Land" Called "Faerie."
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And...maybe it isn't really called that. I could just choose to clal it that, and why the heck not?

So here it is. It is so completely dodgy because it has to do with dreams. I used to be very interested in dreaming. I studied, and practiced, techniques to achieve lucidity for a few years. One of the requirements for this was the strict maintenence of a dream journal in order to increase one's capacity to remember dreams. My strict recording brought about some unlooked for info. it seems, to me, that there are at least three kinds of "dreams." I have named them tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3...because I am lame like that.

I shall now report on their seeming properties.

Tier one is completely malleable. mallebale to the utmost extent. They can be shaped in absolutely anyway, as if they were mere constructs of your own mind...which is what I think they are. For lack of better words, they "vibrate" at a lower...frequency I guess. The content of such dreams tends to be things we deal with everyday, what some psychologists might lovingly term, "head trash." it's the stuff proccessed by our mind every day and according to some head doctors, needs to be processed and discarded in dreams.

Tier 2: Not quite as malleable. The surroundings seem to display random resistance to shaping, other "beings" in the dreams simply cnanot be shaped, The dreaming self is completely shapeable, as with tier 1. These "vibrate" a bit higher. In formation is random, not so "mundane." My interpretation is that this may be something like the collective consciousness. In such a place we would be competing with the wills of others resulting in resistence to attempts to shape things. I think I reside still in my head, but may be recieving outer information in these dreams

Tier 3: This "vibrates" the highest. IME, the surroundings greatly resist shaping...and....the self is also a bit less malleable. Malleability is still higher than waking life. i get the impression of something existing independantly from the minds of those which wander it. These dreams seem soaked in what I would term "fae" energy, or whatever. I can feel it sort of all over me when I wake, but it lasts only a split second. It is in these kinds of dreams that I have met up with others and later discovered that we had the same dream. These dreams flow in a way more logical fashion. They do not jump form place to place like tiers 1 and 2 can. Once entered, they are moved through in a more linear progression. By that I simply mean a flow of cause and effect is followed. The content varies. I ahve seen modern technology in these, but I have also noted a higher "population" if you will of things that resemble things that usually show up in faertie stories.

My interpretation of this is that I may not be in my head. (I do not like this notion, I would hate to leave my body so unprotected...and I don't buy into "shielding." ) These maybe...may be....a trip to "faerie."

There are difficulties I have with this though.

1.)As already mentioned, these are dreams.
2.) I have ridden in automobiles, visited bus stations....Would such things be in "faerie?"
3.) Though they tend to have faeish beings running about, there are also regular joes and I ahve never met anything like a Sidhe Lord.
4.) A Faerie Land is not required for my hypothesis.
5.) A Land full of faeish things would bring up huge unaswerable questions given my hypothesis and my paradigm.
6.) Continuing from 5, so it could be that my hypothesis is wrong or incomplete, or it could be that these dreams have totally different explanations.

Conclusion...I have none. I don't feel I have enough evidence to conclude an existence of a place called faerie, or even that I have actually expereinced a separate "place" in tier 3 dreams.
I've heard theories that places such as shangri-la ,avalon, and others are not physical places but exist as places in the astral, middle realm, where travelers can meet each other and share knowledge. Faerie may be similar, or maybe they're all different names for the same thing. And if the people who go there are used to seeing bus stops, bus stops there will be.

Also, I wonder how much personal filters come into play. 'A gathering area used in preparation for transportation' may appear to you as a bus stop and to someone else as a stable yard.
Going back to the origin of the idea of the astral, in kabbalah I think, it's isn't really another realm. it's here. if you go Out of Body and see what your neighbor is up to in his house, you're astral.
If it's not upper realm or lower realm, it's middle realm. Middle includes earth, but also includes other things as well, such as parallel worlds, according to modern shamanistic belief. Faerie sounds middle to me, though some might say that it's upper. Though 'upper' doesn't equate with heaven any more than 'lower' equates with hell. It's more of a psychological distinction than a divine one.
I would say faerie as upper rather than middle but you know it's more the vibration that faerie moves with so perhaps parallel to middle. There is a division, but I can't use words to classify the physical layout of the places. I like what you Motley said about upper and lower not correlating to heaven and hell. I would like to visit lower however and see if it feels as heavy as I would suppose it would.

To the OP - I hate shielding. Not for the reason that I want other people not to shield but I feel terrible when I shield. People tell me it is because I'm not doing it correctly but any type of shield no matter the filters I create or the energies I give it leaves me feeling less like myself. My human body is enough weighing me down I don't want an additional shield. I suppose that is rather off topic ....
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