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Full Version: Vague Memory
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I'm sorry if this is overly vague ...

I never thought to post this question until just now.

I'd never heard of otherkin, real elves when this happened to me.

I had dreams, vivid, memory-like of a place that I knew was not of this world - as if I were being allowed to go back to visit a place I once lived.

The buildings lined both sides of a rather wide, flat street, not made of cement, not paved, but not rough dirt either. The buildings, all of the same lightish gray color, seemed massive, immense, HUGE - yet were no more than 3-4 stories each. I remember thinking that these were buildings of another race, from "elsewhere". In the dream I was alone, but I knew the type of people who lived here. Thin, humanesque, quite busy, but decidedly not human. I knew I no longer belonged here. Each of these buildings were obviously built for a great number of people - numerous large windows, each made out of material that I'm quite sure was one-way glass so the people inside could see outside, but the people outside could not see inside.

I remember thinking this was a place of learning, and it felt quite familiar.

This place was so powerful that I - who can't draw for the life of me - kept trying to recapture the image on paper (at which I truly failed LOL).

Just wondering if this type of place, although I know my description is quite vague, sounds like anything anyone has encountered in a past elven life?
That doesn't match with our elves' memories. Hopefully someone else will recognize it.

Well the idea of it does stir something in me, it maybe just how you described the buildings.
Thank you both very much <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
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