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Full Version: American Indian in my dream
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I had a strange dream a few months ago. I can't remember some of it but there was an American Indian in my dream telling me to follow my true path and that my current path wasn't my true one. I remember in my dream i was sleeping under the kitchen table and i saw all different kinds of technology. The American Indian kept telling me that this wasn't my true path and to not go with technology and not to trust it. Can't remember anything else.

Any ideas what this might mean? I'm usually quite good at interpretting other peoples dreams but with my own i'd like other people to interpret them to make sure that i get good responses and not my biased opinion.
Well, I would ask myself firstly about the feelings. How did you feel when hearing him say that? And what's exactly your relation with technology? Did the Indian seemed famliar or a complete stranger? Did you feel inclined to accept what he was saying or not? You remember having understood the message in the dream but forgot it after wake up, or you were confuse also in the dream?

(Hum, it seems this is a really old post...)
American indian? You mean a person from india that had migrated to america?

Seriously though. It could mean you're doing something you don't "really" want to do. It could be that you resent some aspect of technology. It could be you overheard a commercial on tv while walking through the living-room that had some word in it that got it started.
Strange dreams don't always have meanings.
It wasn't very helpful of him to tell you what not to do without offering an alternative was it? A lot of old school Native Americans seem to be against technology in theory, but I'm not really sure how you'd get along without it these days. The history of the area I live in is full of civilizations that built up and then collapsed when the rainfall dried up for a few years at a time.

That doesn't mean techology is completely innocent though. The advanced complexity of it increasingly puts our dependance on the people and the structures that build it, and we rely on our own means less and less. Instead of crafting our own tools, we find ourselves pushing invisible pixel numbers around, which doesn't seem as innately satisfying.
I mean a native american.
I realise it may not have any meaning but i'm still curious as to what other people thought.
Technology has its plus' and minus' but i'm more for the negative side.
Without technology more may die from illness and disease but at least the earth isn't in danger of complete destruction from nuclear warheads and such. Sure it may not happen but now its actually possible.
Well then, that's probably all there is to it. It's you talking to yourself about how you dislike technology.
Maybe the earth wouldn't be in danger of nuclear warheads, but lack of technology can't rule out gamma bursts, massive vulcanism, ice ages, or giant asteroids. Of course our technology can't do much to save us from those either...yet...
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