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Full Version: the chaos realm
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it's hard to describe in human words. the place i remember is a whole plane, an universe, where only one thing exists: energy. all this energy is semi-conscious. but it is moving, changing, compressing and thinning... it's what you would call chaotic conditions. and still, there is no separation of any sort, it's all one... except for the following...

what comes now is only a metaphor, for a lack of appropriate terms. once in a while, a maelstrom emerges within this place, which in most cases dissolves after a while. sometimes, however, it becomes dense and ends up in a new being. this being needs some time to gain consciousness and to realize it even exists. then it starts wandering around... since there isn't much to discover on this plane, it soon starts wandering the other planes, gaining knowledge and eventually developing a personality - if it doesn't dissolve and nobody absorbs it while it is still weak...

the energy inside the chaos realm is highly unstable, i.e. it's very easy to control. you think of something, it's there. which can be dangerous for visitors because if they think of fire and believe it can burn them, it'll hurt a lot. the resident demons can also alter the visitor's surroundings in order to drain his/her energy.
Now why does that sound (vaguely) familiar?

On the rare occasion that I do sucessfully astral project, later I can recall being somewhere like this.
This corresponds to my own views, moreorless. As a primordial state of existence without "order" and which is the foundation of the other dimensions. The universe and the other planes are like big globs that have been transformed into an ordered state. I don't believe that this Chaos is itself sentient however, but sentient being can emerge from it, as kahoku pointed out. I believe that's not dissimilar from what Archer described in their article on Shadow entities?
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