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Full Version: On To Elven Homelands!
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Its been awhile since I even dared to post such information. But I have decided to share the mysteries that is of my homeland as Alynn'nari as best I can and maybe some how I will gain a better understanding of it.

Alvan'diel was a city floating on the South eastern oceans of an unnamed world, it was made from many beautiful materials like marble and many pretty gems of green and blue. it was mostly inhabited by elves of fair skin, blue, silver and black hair. Their eye colours varied from green, grey, black and blue.

As for culture from memory it had a slight Greek flair to buildings but it was more like how you see the elves from Rivendell in lord of the rings act day by day.
As for their day by day actions the elves of Alvan'diel where constantly busy with life and magic. As they constantly kept vigil over the magic that kept their home a float.

Now if you where to walk down the marble streets of the city you would see coral decorating the streets as if they where flowers, with sea water following in and out like a water feature. Nothing in Alvan'diel could be called ugly, from shrines, common home and temples where all beautiful. Infact if I recall correctly Alvan'diel is supposed to translate to "The Haven" or something of that affect.

A more recent memory is of a specific area of the white city, the temple square I suppose you could say. I recall an almost etheral looking fountain with a statue of the goddess of the moon and life adorning it, water was cascading her cupped palms into the fountain perhaps symbolizing that water is the blood of our people. Now just directly north across the square is as I recall it a rather tall white/silver spire. it has a ramp arching up to meet the entrance with two sets of stairs spiraling under the ramp leading to another door.
The ramp leads to the main part of the spire that cascades up to the heavens, I recall it being called the spire of wishes or spire of moonlight. It is the goddess of the moon and life's temple.

Yet below following the steps beneath the ramp and beyond an onyx door leads to a sister temple beneath the spire. This temple is the opposite of the spire, where the goddess is the full moon and life, the god that is ever vigilant of this one is represented by the new moon and death. It is dark yet lit by faint candle light and somber requiem like hymns are often heard.

Anyways that's all about my mind wants to dig up for now... I hope it may help some people get an idea of this once wonderful place in time. But I plan to occasionally update with more details and maybe even try to draw a map from memory. So I hope this can help other elves in there quests from what they seek and maybe the can even share what they recall of there own homelands.
Hmmm... it sounds really pretty.. and vaguely familiar... interesting.
I have recently updated the first post of this topic, for those who are interested.
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