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Full Version: Unwanted Guests
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A while back, I met someone who became exceedingly frustrated with my lack of response to his advances (neither of us were single). Amongst a list of various other offenses, we cut ties.

After that was done and over (so I thought), I began having a new ‘visitor’ appearing in my dreams. He would lurk at the edges of where my focus was, and occasionally step in or question me dream self. Now, because I had a vague idea of who it was, I was nastier to him in my subconscious then I ever could have been in person.

This happened quite often for about a month, which by the end of it began to really bother me because when I dream, I can usually tie it to things going on recently in my life, or that I have been dwelling on. I haven’t thought of this guy, or been worried about anything concerning him and yet he still kept appearing in my dreams. But then, now by worrying about it, could that be the tie? Either way, after I had a dream where he actually tried to steal something of value and need of mine (my birth control pills) in a run by nabbing, that was the last straw.

I got myself a few hunks of amethyst and charged the crap out of them. I then persuaded to sleep with them under my pillow. As soon as I started doing so, he stopped showing up. Now, this could be a placebo effect or not, either way I was grateful for the undisturbed sleep (at least by the possible outside forces).

Last night (for the first time in a long while) I slept without charged amethyst around myself (damn you terro for slacking). The previously mentioned creep made an appearance where he quietly sat by while a chatted with his girlfriend about typical girl-talk, and then went on to become a boy who accidentally get an old lady demoted from partner of the office building to bathroom clerk (what? It was a dream, after all).

So now I don’t know if it was the amethyst keeping him out or if he’s just been persisting in breaking into my dreams that last night was just a lucky break for him I’m now doubting the placebo idea since I was unaware that the amethyst in the room was not charged anymore.

Either way, I’m a bit creeped out all around.
Being as I am your recently proclaimed voice of anti-fluff <!-- sWink --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink" /><!-- sWink --> I feel compelled to point out that nothing in the above implies to me that he has been breaking into your dreams.

You had what seems to be a rather unpleasant encounter with someone who you cut all ties with. After the passage of time, something triggered you to dream about him, you let off some emotional steam, you continued to dream, you got bothered by it, you put a crystal under your pillow and the dreams stopped, the dreams came back one time when you slept with the crystal sans charge.

To me the only issue is what was the trigger to the dreams.

It could be that this individual is someone accessing you astrally or similar and disturbing you (though I don't think he has assaulted you in any way, from your descriptions).

Or, it could be that he symbolises something to you - possibly without you being aware of what - and your subconscious is using him as an image to deal with some of those issues.

Given that your post was just a general outline of the situation I can only be very very vague here, but given that he had a clear sexual interest in you and was willing for two relationships to either end or get messed up to further that, if it was him somehow visiting you I would expect him to try to achieve those sexual goals.

In the dreams, this character seems to be setting in motion events that will have a serious negative effect on someone's life status - possibly getting you pregnant (loss of contraception), getting a woman demoted, etc. Is there some life change you are anticipating that bothers you, or that you fear? (Armchair psychology of the vaguest kind.)

It might also be worth noting that (let me see how well my memory of dream research holds up) it takes something like 2-4 weeks for regular events in the waking world to regularly filter into dreams - depending on how long it is since you last interacted with him, that could explain the delay.

Oh and one final thing - if the amethyst is giving problems, even by just having to remember to keep it charged, I'd say ptooey to that and use a chunk of black obsidian. Don't bother charging it, saying magic words, or centering. Just plonk it down under the pillow and enjoy the sensation of your mind being cut off with reinforced concrete walls.
That’s mainly why I didn’t jump to that conclusion, though recently I have gotten close.

One of the things bothering me is that I don’t know what the trigger is. They began when I started letting go if the situation, and moved on from it. Which bothered me because at first I interpreted the whole thing as my subconscious telling me I wasn’t over it yet. But then if that were the case, why was it him I was seeing and not his girlfriend. She was the reason I was so broken up over how everything went. We were rather close, and when I shoed signs of worrying about the way he was treating her (for example, blatantly trying to get other girlfriends in front of her cause he was just that good at satisfying people, and implied that he was not completely satisfied by her). I expressed my worry and was scorned for it. Thus losing her as a friend (him I could care less about).

Yeah, there as a ridiculous amount of back-story going on here, but I guess what I’m mainly getting at is if it is possible to break into or manipulate another’s dreams? Usually I’d say no, but this whole thing doses have me getting up and paranoid. Especially since (out of the blue) it happened again without a trigger that I can come up with. The only thing I can connect it to was that I didn’t have a charged amethyst about me while sleeping.

Not that I go out of my way to sleep around rocks for the purpose of protecting my dreams. I do it anyway. The only difference was I charged a few purples to see if tit would help, and it did (placebo effect or not).

I’m mainly worried now because I was unaware that the rock I slept by the night I had the ‘unwanted guest’ back was uncharged without my knowing.

Thank you for a lot of your ideas and input. I do so rather look at more probable causes before leaping to the more radical ones.

Now to get me a nice chunck of obsidian.
chaitea Wrote:Yeah, there as a ridiculous amount of back-story going on here, but I guess what I’m mainly getting at is if it is possible to break into or manipulate another’s dreams?

Anything's possible, but I would say it would take a quite spectacular level of skill on his part to be able to do this. By "spectacular" I mean way, way, way beyond anything I have ever seen from anyone on any otherkin board. I used to be quite interested in the idea of dreamwalking and even when both parties are experienced in energy work and astral projection, and both actively want to link up in dreams, it isn't exactly easy. So for him to do it when not only are you not consenting but also you actively want him not to be there, seems highly unlikely at best. The next obvious question, of course, is why would he bother.

In general characters in dreams often don't represent themselves - they represent some part of the dreamer. As such I think it possible that his appearance in your dreams represents some part of yourself which is in some way like him. The trigger factor need not having anything to do with him at all - more like whatever triggered the dreams happened, and your subconscious then had a casting call for roles and found him handy.
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