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Something that has always been very powerful for me is my sense of spirituality. In the past this has caused quite a bit of frustration due to my inability to locate an outlet where it can be expressed.

While I had appreciated the community my Roman Catholic Church had, the practices and teachings didn’t mesh well with how I wanted/needed to express my own sense of spirituality. This was particularly irksome during the awakening stages, when I just down right broke away from the church (also, the fact that my priest was accused and dragged away on child molestation charges didn’t help much).

So from where I’m typing, I see the online otherkin community as the closest thing to a house of faith, and spiritual community that I can get (the only thing it’s missing is those big crazy hats. That’s one thing the RCC still has going for it).

So yeah, I feel like a total fruit cake for saying this (especially about an internet forum), but from where I’m typing places like this are like houses of faith to me.
One could make the case that all we have on what we believe is faith - since there is no way to scientificly prove what we beleive in kin, past lives or so forth. therefore, one could say that yes, these places are such of faith - but personally, id rather put my "faith" in this than into any religion. i might also point out that we tend to have much of hte good - and bad - that religious faiths have, in the various kin communities as well.

Anyplace people of the same/similar beliefs gather to commune could technically be called a "house/place of faith," so, yes. I agree with you.
I've got big fancy hats.

[Image: 2cndpft.jpg]
[Image: 2lu2kbd.jpg]
[Image: 29qbqlx.jpg]
[Image: 2ujmrrt.jpg]
[Image: oaubza.jpg]

... And those are just the ones within reach right now.

Yes, by all construements(I just made up a word, so sue me) of the word, this would be a house of faith to me. I agree. <3
I always figured that a 'house of faith' would simply be somewhere you could spend time discussing spiritual matters and sharing experiences in a friendly environment. *nod* I can say an otherkin forum fits. While I end up worshipping pretty much anywhere, it's mainly because I have a very singular approach to my beliefs, and I don't want to sound freakishly New Age-y when I talk to people. *snerk*
Wow.... Hattastic. Is that an NES I see in the background? o.O

Quote:So yeah, I feel like a total fruit cake for saying this (especially about an internet forum), but from where I’m typing places like this are like houses of faith to me.

I somewhat agree with you there chai <!-- sTongue --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz" /><!-- sTongue -->
I would agree too. I have several such houses on the net, cause I fit into more than one. They overlap some, but not entirely.
Some beliefs are what I call sensible beliefs and supportable vs silly and insupportable beliefs. I do not use faith to describe anything I think about anything.

As far as a house of faith...meh, does one really need one? Make your own I say if one doesn't exist that meets your needs.

*two cents*

I dunno, when I think of a "house of faith" I think of religions only, not a community like this. Then again, my experiance on here has been more academic than spiritual, with the discussions on mythology, history, psychology, etc. in regards to kintypes. So I don't consider this to be my house of faith..I don't consider any place to be my house, nor do I care if one exists.

But that's not bad at all! This is still a community, and I still feel a sense of belonging here and in a few other places.
I am totally, utterly shocked that I didn't reply to this before. And I have to agree with Fox. This isn't a house of faith for me. "Faith", by definition, means believing in something without evidence, without question. We question everything all the time here, and a lot of the time what we talk about doesn't have an immediate spiritual basis. But this place, like some other places on the net, is somewhere that I can call home- when I'm feeling all sentimental and stuff.
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