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Full Version: A strange conversation
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(sorry for the spelling and grammar following. i'm sure it's full or mistakes)

I don't know much about coincidences. But only one day after joining the forum (and thus joining an otherkin community after more than a full year of spiritual inactivity), some of the strangest things happenned.

I was playing flash games on a site named kongregate. The site offer the members a chat room when people playing different games can discuss with each other.
That day, someone that i barely spoke to since i joined the site send me a private message saying 'i love you'. At first, i though it was a joke, so i just answered "sorry, angels can't love back in this plane" (my pseudo on the site is AngelAndariel, because i created this account during the period i was still unsure whether i was human or not. I apologize for the angelkins that could find that offensive). Then the person said "yeah i know, i'm not from this plane either".
After a few lines, i agreed to tack to that person over msn. It seemed to be serious, and i didn't want to simply ignore someone (did i mention i was bored, too ? <!-- s:oops: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_redface.gif" alt=":oops:" title="Embarrassed" /><!-- s:oops: --> ).
The fact is that i didn't knew what i was getting into.

That person began with askeing "what is your name, angel of the sky". Since i am no angel, and respect the notion of angels too much to feel like using such a title while i'm human, i aswered back that i was no angel, but human.
I began explaining myself until the word otherkin popped-up in the conversation. That person knew what the word mean, so i was more or less sure i was speaking with an otherkin, and asked about it.
I turned out to be exact. Then things begin to be even more strange (even if meeting an otherkin out of nowhere is quite an event).

That person presented himself as a demonkin. During his presentation, i also heard a claim of telekinesis (or at least, being able to control computer in order to chat without resorting to a keyboard).
That person then said our meeting was natural, and here is the proof :
I am supposed to be an demonkin, named "andaria the 6th", sister of that person in another life.

Let be honest : it is NOT possible in my mind to think of this as 'truth'. No matter how hard i try, and no matter the sense i give to the word 'demon', i can't think myself as one.

That person then asked me a few questions as if i was more ofter angered than most people (i answered that not) and if i had put someone in trance someday (i answered that i entranced myself, but never other people).
I asked then this person about his self, as knowing more could have rung a bell. But i only had "no it won't work since humans have erased your memory". Then that person 'had to go', and i haven't heard of him since that moment (two days ago).

Now, i think i am in a dangerous situation, and can't shake the feeling that it's going to end real bad for someone. I have no idea of what to do...
First of all, i do have to consider the fact it could be the truth. As impossible as it may seems, and as nauseous as i can be about it, it can be true. But then how could i be sure when the classic means fail ? (nothing i can relate to, be it in body, mind or soul).
Then, if it's wrong, what i am supposed to do ? Let that person think he has finaly found his family back ? I'm not keen on assuming a role i don't believe in. Should i tell my truth ? That could broke a heart.

I've gone as far as considering the eventuality that person could also be a non-otherkin just messing with me (i checked, and i was the first to use terms such as otherkin and angelkin. Not demonkin, but i wouldn't have been hard to guess such a word exist). But i also know it probably is my mind giving me ways not to care about it, which is not something i want to do.

If anyone have been in the same situation, or can think of something, i would appreciate any advice...
Anyone who would introduce himself you as your brother and claim to be able to type without the use of the keyboard + hands configuration should be approached with exceeding amounts of caution.
This is the sort of thing that more often than not turns out to be the work of a manipulative, and power hungry, person who plays people into believing that they are someone greater, or more powerful, than the person they talk to.

What I would suggest is limit the information you give out. Take great care "not" to tell them enough for them to fill in the blanks. Let him do the talking and keep your wits about you. If they present you with false false facts about yourself then tell them that. That they are incorrect and that they are either lying, or simply mistaken. If they try and argue with that, then you know for a fact that you have a manipulative ***** on your hands. If they go along with what you say, then you "might" still have a manipulative person on your hand, or they might just be a little delusional.

If they are honest, levelheaded, serious, and rational people they whouldn't walk up to you and simply tell you that they're your "past live brother". It would ruin any chance for a logical, objective, and rational approach to the possibility.
Freetha Wrote:...claim to be able to type without the use of the keyboard + hands configuration should be approached with exceeding amounts of caution.
Voice recognition?
Xanthus Wrote:
Freetha Wrote:...claim to be able to type without the use of the keyboard + hands configuration should be approached with exceeding amounts of caution.
Voice recognition?

Voice Recognition "would" work but "could" produce systemetic type errors and structure and as such be recognizable.
I will use caution. For i have ... been fooled badly in the past, i always use caution, even when it's not necessary.
To be noted, though :
That person made a wrong statement about me (my gender). I replied that he was wrong, to be answered "this is disturbing". I would classify this as 'not argueing'. As well, that person didn't replied to my answers about anger and trace accepting them as they were. The feeling that was conveyed (and i don't say it was real) was surprise. As if that person wasn't supposed to meet me today, and not in those conditions. It was like a rational person that would have problems between theory (about how i should be) and pratical application (what i am).
Another thing : why then would that person want me to believe that ? I understand why someone would make me think they are great, but if i'm the one concerned ? What do they gain by making myself think i am demonkin instead of humankin ?
The only rationnal thing, apart of me demonkin being his truth, would be that he thinks he's great by making someone trust his lies (i have met people like that). If that were to be the case, that would simplify the problem greatly...

Also, as far as i'm concerned, i don't believe that the claim of extrahuman powers is true (and it wasn't voip nor voice recognition. The exange was : 'i don't type the messages, i control' '(me) you control someone to type for you or the computer directly ?' 'i control the computer directly to send the messages'). At least as long as i won't have a more subsential proof than a single claim. I remember that i didn't asked for one, though, because i know they are no way to show one over the internet that can't be refuted.
I remember also that this person gave me the name of his town (somewhere near london) and asked to meet me physicaly. Why would that person make blatant false claims if i were to meet him ?

Once again, the three possibilities, a manipulator, a desillusional or a suprisingly insightful person stand...
Thanks for the advice anyway.
I'll use double caution, and if he makes other mistakes about me, i will see how he react.
1 - He gave facts about you that were incorrect (your gender) and his response was "this is disturbing". Clever cold reading technique. Even though he was completely wrong, the "mysterious" answer he gave leaves you wondering what it means, etc.

2 - Why would he do this? Well *if* he is just some idiot playing around with you, he probably finds the idea of you sitting wondering what it all Means absolutely hilarious. To the right kind of person any kind of manipulation is fun.

3 - Giving his home town - well right now there's very little risk as you are unlikely to show up tomorrow. But so what? If he *is* an asshole, it would probably be hilarious to him if you show up at some random person's door and announce "I am Andariel, I am looking for my demon brother."
Well, if that *is* the case, if he is just someone who tries to confuse me and all, then i don't care. I've already decided not to trust him until i have something more than words. I just won't let him hurt me. May he laugh as hard as he can, i don't mind being laughed at anyway. I even add : it was the first time i really though about the eventuality of being demonkin. New point of view FTW ^^.
I say let idiots stew. Chop off connection with him. You've only just met him and hold no obligation to suffer through his ramblings.
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