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Full Version: "Inner voice" shift?
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Okay, a thought just occurred to me. ~

Everyone has an "inner voice" in their mind, right? It's a voice inside your head "speaking" your thoughts. You might (or might not) experience thoughts as a voice all the time, but I'm sure that many, if not all, people do it.

Right. Normally, your inner voice has a specific tone, pitch and rhythm. It normally reflects the way you speak (or try to speak) out loud. It is a human voice.

My question is, when you shift mentally into your animal form, does the inner voice shift into that animal's voice? (growls, meows, chirps, whatever)
My only odd addition is growls, and if I'm more mentally shifted than normal, sometimes there are fewer words in my 'inner dialogue.'
I felt like making a comment here, even if I'm not a therian.

An inner voice does not "always" speak in words for everyone.
Some of us have an inner voice that speaks in sensations, patterns, rhythm, etc, but no words what so ever.

Just a point to the "inner voice" not always being a speaking one.
I'd have to go with Free here. Often, I do have to talk out things inside my head just to understand them. Other times, thoughts in themselves are like little packages of words, some of them indescribable. I think that every mind just thinks in thoughts, but each has their own way of breaking them down. Maybe some minds don't have to.
It depends how m-shifted I am, usually I'm only partly shifted... but the more shifted I am the less thinking I do and the more action I tend to take. The rare few time I'm fully m-shifted (usually when I'm hiking off-trail through the woods) I just feel and act.

By the way as a slight side note I've never even come close to getting lost in the woods, some subconscience part of myself always seems to know exactly where I am and how to get out at all times o.O
I'm not a therian, but I go through 'shifts' that usually have to do with rituals. My normal inner voice is the incessant chatter of words and thoughts, but I move into a more meditative state (though meditative may be a corrupt word since I do not move into my center, but more like spread myself out very thin). When this happens, I move into a more wordless communication with my inner voice. Like Freetha said, sensations, feelings, ect al. But this was learned rather than just an occurance one day.

My inner-voice doesn't talk to me often...when it does, it usually scares me.
Interestingly enough, I've even had mental shifts where it seems more like I think in hums and waves of light than actual words. Thank goodness it doesn't happen much (maybe three times ever?) because it's just danged weird.
My inner voice isn't usually words but more along the lines of feelings and sensations. It really depends on what I'm doing though on how I hear my inner voice. Most of the time, I'm just doing my thing and not having internal dialogues with myself.

When I experience mental shifts, the "inner voice" becomes more simplistic. Thoughts happen more like instincts, "hungry, food" or "back off, ggggrrrr" are usually all I get as opposed to "I'm hungry, I could eat a hamburger" or "She's really pissed me off this time and I want to pummel her". I've never much thought about how I act or how I think when in the midst of a mental shift. *shrug* I'm usually just enjoying the animal sensations/experiences.
For the past year now, my inner voice has been scaring the hell out of me (sort of literally, even). First I started speaking in a new language, then it moved into my head, where it seems to have decided to settle. I’ll still slip into it time and again with my tong, but aside from that I will frequently find myself thinking in it. It was hard enough to understand my thoughts when they were in English, now I have no clue what I’m thinking sometimes.

Before that, around sophomore year of high school my conscience started sounding like Misha Tia (made since, since she was always the one telling me when I crossed yet another line). Aside from that, it usually sounds like me, or me not speaking English.
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