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Full Version: "Inner voice" shift?
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chaitea Wrote:For the past year now, my inner voice has been scaring the hell out of me (sort of literally, even). First I started speaking in a new language, then it moved into my head, where it seems to have decided to settle. I’ll still slip into it time and again with my tong, but aside from that I will frequently find myself thinking in it. It was hard enough to understand my thoughts when they were in English, now I have no clue what I’m thinking sometimes.

Before that, around sophomore year of high school my conscience started sounding like Misha Tia (made since, since she was always the one telling me when I crossed yet another line). Aside from that, it usually sounds like me, or me not speaking English.
Hmmm, interesting. Have you ever tried to write down this language and make maybe an English-to-(weird language) dictionary of sorts? That's what I started doing with my language. I mostly speak/think in it when I'm very, very phantom-shifted as the Sitherdahn or the succubus, although I've had occasional instances of it with the Draith and the Angel as well. It also tends to happen more when I'm intoxicated - my roommate just calls it "being retarded."
I'm not sure how I'd go about writing it down, let a lone have those writings make any sense since i don't know how spelling some of these 'words' would work.
As for defining them, i don't know what the words mean so i can't exactly define them (though i would sure love to). the most i can glean of their meaning is the emotion (or sometimes mental images) that go along with saying/thinking them.

I have spoken in it with several others (some that have never met one another, yet speak a similar dialect to the one i seem to have developed), and went on to have conversations that i sort of get the gist of.
I'd love to hear yours sometime. be nice to compare notes and see if we caught the same thing
Syllabic changes can be tricky. Two for me are a rough sounding "K" that I spell out as "Kh" and a hissing "S" sound that I just realized was different recently. There was also one sound that came out my nose that I can't even remember now.

And as for common switch times, more often than not, when I start speaking it, I happen to be in a position where the words that are coming out are probably swear words.
I have my wolves inner voice and it's his "words" and opinions translated into english

Spanky Wrote:Okay, a thought just occurred to me. ~

Everyone has an "inner voice" in their mind, right? It's a voice inside your head "speaking" your thoughts. You might (or might not) experience thoughts as a voice all the time, but I'm sure that many, if not all, people do it.

Right. Normally, your inner voice has a specific tone, pitch and rhythm. It normally reflects the way you speak (or try to speak) out loud. It is a human voice.

My question is, when you shift mentally into your animal form, does the inner voice shift into that animal's voice? (growls, meows, chirps, whatever)

Some say that my actual voice that they hear changes. Doing post-production on my own recording, I've determined 4 distinct vocal patterns of my own (not just the normal inflections based on emotional state etc.)... but to be quite honest, I don't think it's terribly tied to Otherkin. Sure, maybe something metaphysical may be at work without me realizing it.

I will say that when an entity uploaded a language to my head... I lost my ability to be articulate with the English language for the first 3-4 hours of my day for a number of days while that process was taking place. Guess my mind somehow geared itself to be ready for that language... and English isn't exactly compatible with that language, syntactically speaking.

I'd have a hard time trying to see if this inner voice stuff applies to me as I only really have 2 forms to work with, and 1 doesn't like verbal communication at all.
Deros Wrote:I'd have to go with Free here. Often, I do have to talk out things inside my head just to understand them. Other times, thoughts in themselves are like little packages of words, some of them indescribable. I think that every mind just thinks in thoughts, but each has their own way of breaking them down. Maybe some minds don't have to.

I didn't think I could describe my inner voice so thank you for doing it for me, this is an exact desription of how I think, at least the majority of the time (when wolfie is there I don't know still how to explain).

So yeah, thanks Deros <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin -->
there was a time when I had wild multiplicity of a dark male/airhead female I learned to control it and now i dont have any problem with it my real voice and my inner voice fluxuated from high to low. I hear voices that are not my own and come from outside of me constatly even now because of scitzophrenia and I take the maximum dosage of risperdal and it dosent really make sense that I would hear voices as a constant on that much medicine. thier very intelligent and can tell me things I wouldnt know like names of obcure famous people that I've never heard of.

as for other languages I've never had an involuntary shift so I dont know what laguage a phoenix would speak it always interesd me
avarin Wrote:as for other languages I've never had an involuntary shift so I dont know what laguage a phoenix would speak it always interesd me

What kind of phoenix? Is it the kind where it's literally a magical bird with fire for feathers (which I've never actually come across), or is it more like a fire-energy elemental that happens to take the shape of something flying?
Hmm I think mine keeps it words. But instead of sentances it's "FoodFoodFoodFoodFoodFood, smell? Smellfood, go, eatnow! Tasty! Full, Runrunrunrun," it's short and simple and often has images attach to him. When I am walking in the heat and I'm m-shifted, I'm loping and panting hard, (tounge out and everything) and I see my bed or the computer and I hear "homehomehomehomehomehome" I'm very focused and one thoughted

I've also notice in my non-shifted meltdowns that I am the same thing
-nod- I too agree with Free. My "inner voice" is more of images with phrases attached, that are basically imbedded in the images themselves. Generally the images are memories but lately as I've begun to accept and embrace my synaesthesia (Don't ask, I suppressed it for several years) I am getting more mundane images as well. It's very nice. but I digress- A voice doesn't have to actually SPEAK words.. Mine seem to be telepathic communications.

Now, as for the inner voice "Shifting", it does shift slightly from aspect to aspect, and when I first remembered/etc my kitsune-being (Kitsune that has a humanoid body- I'll call her the kitsune-being from now on to distinguish it until I figure out the name, if I ever do) all she knew how to say was "murr???"

Their language is based on a series of animalistic noises, and the main sound is a variation of a purr. I call it a murr because murr sounds more like asking questions than purring does to me. Anyway, that was all she knew how to say. It was like, the foreground of my conciousness only realized that language, and i had to wait until she "connected" with me on a more mental level to be able to speak in words others could understand.

My panther doesnt seem to speak much, I don't know what sounds he makes. He just sends mental pictures.
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