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Full Version: Waking up from a dream
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If this is something that is meant to go elsewhere I do apologize.

I was just wondering how other people awaken from dreams? Generally speaking, does something happen, then you're wide awake and alert with full memory? Or maybe your brain is in a fuzzy in-between state where you are able to think clearly, and analyze your dreams? or do you awaken groggy? Do you have sleep paralysis?

I have sleep paralysis at least a few times a week, and I tend to go into a fuzzy sleep-wakeful state. It can last from 2 minutes to half an hour.
ME: *read**read some more**check time**read some more**check time again**decide to go to sleep**sleep**apparantly, I dream here**open eyes**think: "that was interesting", "don't make me get up", or "just let me finish this**get up**wake up half an hour later**go through day**repeat*
I normally wake up and try to go right back to sleep to enjoy the dream. But I've woken up three times, I woke up from a dream and discovered I was still dreaming, then woke up(after not falling back asleep mind you) and I was paralyzed and I got enveloped in darkness and spiders and then I actually woke up. Other weird wakings were I've woke up and it felt like my body was ripped into two pieces.
I like just waking up peacefully and going back to sleep.
Ah, well waking up from a dream (verses ending a REM cycle), happens on a board spectrum. Anywhere from the thought of I'm dreaming and I should be awake, followed by the action to AHHHHHHHHHHHHH *chest heaves to caught breath*. Hell, a month or two ago I blushed so hard, it woke me. So my answer, mostly anything.
I generally snap right awake with a full memory of my dream. The only time I have a grogginess problem is with nightmares and sleep paralysis. Nightmares are pretty rare... sleep paralysis happens every few months in clusters.
I seldom remember my dreams and they almost never wake me up (nor does much of anything).
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