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Of your wings how many do you have?

Self has 3
3 sets? Or just 3?
This message says nothing.
well could i ask (if someone knows), how it feelss when your wings/wing is pull apart or severed by someone ?(hope somebody will write here his "uncomfotable" experience).
As far as I know... 6 wings, 3 sets, 2 white/silver/something... 2 "flaming color"/red, 2 black... Still quite unsure tho... I dont know for sure.
One set of angelic, one set of Chaos. least, whats left of them anyway....
One set, but they have a tendency to change from feathered, to more "demonic", to a mix of the two.
Two sets of silver wings for me.

Hardly ever "out", though.

~ Ashaiel
As many as I need, or want...so I don't think I count, heheh.
Two wings, usually light purple, starting in the middle of my back near the spine and ending where my ribs end. Wingspan is approximately 12 feet.

Occasionally they decide to be typical butterfly-faery wings though. It's odd.
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