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Full Version: Works of the Halfbreed. (now on facebook)
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Your surrealistic realism jealisofies me.
The advice on commissions I would give is:

1) DO NOT take more than one from a single person at a single time. I made this mistake with my first commissioner, who turned out to be a complete ass to work with, and because I don't like his subject matter, I'm still stuck working on stuff for him (it was a big first order).

2) Don't charge less than you want or expect for your work, even if people won't pay it. Art is valuable, no matter what it looks like or who did it...don't let go of something that means something to you for any less than you're WANTING, and not willing, to give it up for.
Thanks you guys. I'm still thinking about it and such. Might start by doing a couple of requests first maybe. Just to see what interest there is.
I have a really awesome article regarding artistic/literary work in a professional setting, I'll try to remember to post it when I get home.
A brand new piece, of litterary fiction.
I wrote a little short story onto my LJ, it just poured out of me and spilled onto the screen and once I was finished I leaned back and decided to share it.
Would love any and all constructive criticism you may have on this.

The Girl in the Black Dress. Wrote:http://freetha.livejournal.com/73120.html

Edit: I am working on a piece. It's one of these stupid 2012 things that everyone writes these days. I am doing it from a different perspective though. Something cold, and hard, pragmatic, and logical. No pretty flowers, no soaring angels, not a chance for a happy ending. So more "written" stuff will come later on.
"Girl on chair" shows you have pretty good skills. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
Thank you. I've been working on my artstuffs for a rather long time. I'd be worried if I didn't have any skillz by now.

And thanks Xan, that's handy.
edit: Actually, that's more than handy... far more... it's awesome. I'll be bookmarking it, making notes, and passing the link on. Bloody usefull that is.

(Wonder why no one's commenting on my story...)
Yea, those are some great points. I can't tell you how much I got ripped off in the beginning stages of doing art. Luckily I harassed the shit out of one guy until he paid me my 250$, but there was another who never paid up. Especially the "working for us wil give you great exposure" bullshit...they really use that one. And seriously...don't give in to even a friend who says they'll pay you after you finish the work. Get it all up front, because your reputation is on the line if you dont do your half...but if they don't pay...it doesnt hurt them in the least. And what good is a commission for someone else if you can't post it? And you cant, or else they'd be getting it for free.
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