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Full Version: Phantom Draconic Features
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Phantom limb speaking, most if not all of us experience the sensation of wings and/or a tail.
But what about some of those other draconic features which are so well attributed to our sort?

I myself will experience phantom choppers. Not that they feel to big for my mouth or that they hang out, rather that when i sometimes chew something or am eating i can encounter the sensation of doing so with a much different set of teeth.
Another one i noticed is spines running down my back, and even type of spike on each of my elbows. This is probably the rarest one I've noticed on myself but it still makes it's 'presents' known on me every so often.
The claws i surprising don't get at all, but thats probably cause of how i grow out and try to take care of my nails (they're borderline actual claws anyway when i manage not to break or fray them).

while i feel these much less then my more common wings and even tail, from time to time i do get the feeling that my phantom parts

So what besides the typical wings and tale have you come across noticing on yourself?
early on, it was literally everything which was confusing as hell to say the least.

Now, it depends on the situations/emotions. Particularly hungry? Dentition. Curious/aggressive? Entire head and neck. Scared? Teeth, legs, feet.

The feeling of the legs is beyond annoying and joyous in its own way because we walked digitigrade, and had longer legs and a different stance at the hips. Thus, my balance can become quite off and it can take a concerted effort to not trip.
This message says nothing.
I try to keep my form inside my body, but the tail's hardest to avoid.
Deros Wrote:I try to keep my form inside my body, but the tail's hardest to avoid.

This sounds quite alien to me... why do you do that?
Elvanos Wrote:
Deros Wrote:I try to keep my form inside my body, but the tail's hardest to avoid.

This sounds quite alien to me... why do you do that?

I'm not really sure. Perhaps just trying to accept what I am now. Perhaps trying to hide away sensations related to what I was so as to prevent nostalgia. I'm a pretty moody person, so one good memory of flight after having wings out would send me straight into depression from the realization of loss, without me ever considering the benefits of this body. (It's smaller. That's nice. Still a little tall, but smaller)
I just let them all hang out. I’m so open about it (except to my legal family) that they are just a constant presence about me. They might not really feel anything but they feel damn good to me.

I used to work on trying to keep them in since at first I was worried that they were actually my energy slipping out of me rather then a phantom remembrance of a form once help at another time and in another place. Holding them into myself caused terrible back pains (or at least my mind made me think they were causing those and really I was just mind over mattering to pain). Allowing them to stretch and move freely around me was more of a relief then anything else. And since they only seem to feel things when I’m paying attention to what they’re doing (again, probably my mind tricking those feelings out of me) just letting them go has little effect on my physical environment and self.

After all that, I started also getting the sensation of fangs and spines every so often. I don’t know if it’s that I just started noticing them and they were always there with the others, or that I have become that more spiritually aware of my own energy patterns and they way they ‘manifest’ themselves around my person.
Aside from tail and wings, I also get snout, horns, neck, paws, chest, scales, and even eyes. Last one's possibly the weirdest, I just somehow feel my eyes go and turn into slits, usually whenever I'm focusing or studying something intently. Everything else comes and goes rather sporadicly, without any pattern I've seen.

I'm like you with the claws, Chai. I grow them out really long, but I don't have a need to actually care for them beyond cleaning. I believe I've told you before; Extremely thick/tough to the point where I almost can't cut them, and sharp at that. Not necessarily pointed, though I sometimes make a habit out of trimming them to points, but still quite sharp. Things considered, I'm not surprised I don't get phantom claws, just the actual foot structure rarely.
I have the joy of having an entire phantom body that is "on" for most of the time. Sometimes, I sense other parts more though. I'm so used to this that I don't focus on individual parts of my body. Only when the sensation seriously wanes do I go, "I can't sense my XYZ..."

The oddest feature I have are the (don't know the term) eyes on the side...non-binocular vision. I constantly think I have to turn my head to see. I have two horns that start between my eyes, middle of the forehead and curve back and this, when I'm looking forward, feels like it should be a blind-spot but yet...I can see. It's so cool, but so strange some days.
I don't get the phantom limb thing that much, and don't think I've ever had a full-body experience, but some of the more common phantom 'things' I tend to feel (aside from the wings; though four tend to be irritating when sitting in the computer chair) are the 'nose-shield' on the end of my snout which, like Granamyr mentioned with her horn, makes it seem like there should be a blind-spot or something where it's at; my horns/spikes (particularly the ones on my eye-ridges and the four on top), and my ears, which I tend to swivel and flick around, usually without thinking.
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