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Veritas Wrote:Blood in the Streets

All the fighting oozes into our T.V. screens with the acidity of the climate,
me and my umbrella both eaten away.
Smiling hides the shadows lurking in my eyes as you fling bombs of words, leaving the shrapnel in our hearts.

It is everyone you're burning with you torch of justice.
It is everything you are tearing away and not the target of your mouth.

I can't sleep for the sound.
I'm not sleeping, for the ringing in my ears, of your mouth.
I'm so tired, everywhere I see the destruction of your world.
I'm caught in the aftershock,
because I love you so much.
I'm caught in the crossfire, with my lonly red cross.
I'm running with the blood in the streets.
Standing against it's tide.

Free From December

Giving up the memory is harder than it sounds
I had no idea I wanted to remember
spring is nearing and I still can’t feel it
I’ve grown too accustomed to the feeling of December

everything has grown up all around me
I can’t see the forest for the trees
my life is now slipping farther from me
with only a memory left of you with me

some benevolence is taking you farther from me
but somehow I know scars will remain
holding back your hidden smile as a reminder
our faults have too soon become restraints

if only I could have sweet forgetfulness
as I walk away I look back
and as you fall silently I slip farther and farther
at last eyes are closed, free from attack

the sands of time have blasted away the tears
but ghosts of past still go fading past
Am I the only one who can feel them flying?
while the grains of life go sliding through fingers to fast

The clear thought behind words unspoken
a blue calm in the haze of broken things
reach past the pointed shards to the bloom still repairing
I will reward you with my dreams

The labyrinth is long with passages unwinding
I promise nothing with a reward of no return
but the hope that still burns is a light still blinding
even after the fire of passion no longer burns

I am still here where I've always been
longing for something I can't live without
come closer to me and I'll give you my hand
and show you what it is I've been talking about

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