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Full Version: Company of Others 2008
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If you're in the Pacific Northwest U.S., or don't mind a bit of travelling, check this out:


Company of Others is returning for its second year! Want to hang out with a bunch of Otherkin in the Washington state wilderness? Interested in workshops, walking through forests of fir trees, or trading recipes in a full industrial kitchen in a big cabin? Then click the link above, and find out what's happening from July 24-27, 2008!
How I wish you hadn't moved away from Pittsburgh!
Will there be bears? If so, can I shoot them if they try to attack anyone in the camp?
i acctualy responded to this on one of the lj groups. i might come down as that is not to far from me. not really sure if i'll have the money to get there or not though. we'll see. also gotta go over it with james and my mum.
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