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Heyyo! I’m Dak and if we’re friends you can call me Sprout!
I’m a minor and a binary trans man!
Pronouns: He/it
The most accurate way to describe my kin type is Leshykin! I don’t completely identify with the Slavic lore version of my kintype so if anyone has questions, please ask!
Interests: Nature walks, animals, reading, writing, anything physical, and sfw fantasy roleplay!
Im a Hellenistic Pagan and a beginning witch with no path yet, I hope to learn more abt this too!
I’d honestly really like to connect with kintypes from different realities or dimensions!

Nice to meet ya all! I hope I did this right!<3
Welcome to OKP, Dak!

My name is Azaphaer, an astral dragon. I'm curious what has led you to discover yourself as a leshy. What was your awakening process like and how did you narrow it down to this kintype? What is it like being leshykin for you, do you experience any shifts?

Its really interesting to meet people with kintypes that are not so common. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and I hope you enjoy the forum!
Welcome to OKP!

I'm Elinox, the admin here and a wolf/werewolf and cat.

What is your version of a leshy like? And how does that differ from the Slavic tradition?
I suppose the only way my kintype and a Slavic Leshy are similar is temperament and similar “powers”. We both are tricksters but can be best describes as “chaotic neutral”. I use the label Leshy bc it’s the most similar to the species I am while I believe my species didn’t have a name as I was the only one.

My kintype is: A powerful forest spirit that’s bonded to a plant to make a host body. My last host body was a tree infected with a fungus. I can manipulate the size and form of the plant once I’m bonded to it and mostly walk around looking like a young adult man (though still very clearly a plant[ie: dreads made of moss/skin of bark/half my face/body infected with the fungus) I can’t be killed because I’m a spirit, and the only way to temporarily incapacitate me is to completely destroy my origin forest(which I believe stretched on for miles and miles).

Shifts: when I mentally shift: I feel extremely powerful and above all creatures in both an arrogant and neutral way. If that’s makes sense. And I can’t help but think “I am death and rejuvenation. I am guardian and I am nature itself”. Im also extremely territorial and get very agitate whenever humans enter what I perceive as my territory. Im fairly fickle and look out for myself and what I care for first and foremost despite what the actions I take does to anyone else. (I don’t care for being good or evil and those labels are nothing to me)

Physical shifts: I can feel the fungus(which I assume to be deadly to all others) infecting my eye and half my torso and it can feel uncomfortable for this body but also feels at home to my soul. I feel like my limbs are the same tree bark I felt when I was in my reality, I feel like I could manipulate the shape and form(even tho I can’t Fr).
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