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Full Version: The Draconic Summit - Online Gathering
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As announced here by Lunastre, the plans for an online draconic gathering are in the midst!

We are currently looking for those who would wish to volunteer as staff(You must be at least 18). You can find applications for such available to fill out here. I have already volunteered to help staff the event, so you can count seeing myself there.

For now there is not exact dates, but this is looking to be held sometime in autumn 2022. I'll continue to update this thread as more information is released!

The Draconic Summit now has an off season discord server - The Draconic Basin. It's an all ages server, of course adhering to discord's age limit to users must being at least 13 years or older. The server acts as a place to ask questions and receive any news and updates for the Summit's event, as well as converse regularly with other dragons and kin.

The server is run by Lunastre, and I am there helping as a volunteer mod.

Here is the invite:

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