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Since I was young I was always an animal lover, which I'm sure is probably common for Otherkin and Therians. What kind of animal companions do you live with? Do they hold any relevance to your Otherkinity?

I live with over 100 reptiles, 3 dogs, and chickens. My mate and I care for them all on our own. They are pretty much all our children and do hold significance to being Otherkin and my kintype in a way. Reptiles in particular have always been my favourite creatures on Earth. I attest this closely to do with my Draconity as dragonkin. There is semblance as a reptillian dragon that I can relate to them. Growing up, I related to lizards way more than to humans. My love for reptiles has stayed with me my whole life to where I now breed them as a hobby.

We have 5 argentine tegu lizards, 9 crested geckos, 4 leopard geckos, 2 gargoyle geckos, 1 chahoua gecko, 1 chameleon gecko, and 1 blue tongue skink. As for snakes, we have 80 ball pythons, 11 boa imperators, 14 corn snakes, 3 sumatran short tail pythons, 3 carpet pythons, 2 false water cobras, 2 blue beauty ratsnakes, 2 reticulated pythons, 1 california kingsnake, 1 cave dwelling ratsnake, 1 white lipped python, and 1 woma python. A single pacman frog and an african bullfrog. 1 spectacled caiman. 2 german shepherds, and a french bulldog. Also a bunch of chickens.(I'm pretty sure I didn't forget anybody.. but lets hope I'm right)

[Image: Screen_Shot_2021-11-22_at_4.54.08_PM.png]
Spectacled Caiman
[Image: Screen_Shot_2021-11-22_at_5.02.06_PM.png]
Red Tegu
[Image: Screen_Shot_2021-11-22_at_5.09.14_PM.png]
Reticulated Python

Unfortunately I can not post pics of all of them, otherwise this would be wayyy too large a post! So enjoy those few.

Aww, I have some chickens too! Their little feet are so cool x3
Wow Azaphaer, your albino reticulated python is gorgeous!

I've lived with a cat since my re-awakening. Started off with one cat (K.C.), then graduated to two (K.C. & Rosie) and after the first passed away two years ago, now I'm up to three felines (Rosie, Bonnie & Paradise). Heart cat

I grew up in a household with big dogs, however it wasn't until college where a roommate brought this tiny kitten home that I started living with and getting to know cats. And I'm proud to say that it really opened my eyes to the fact that I'm truly a cat-person at heart!

Living with these felines has definitely affected my therianthropy because before I knew them, I assumed I was just a wolf. Now I'm pretty confident I'm a wolf and some type of feline. My feline tendencies/experiences were apparent as young as 2 years old, they were just overshadowed/forgotten about due to my wolf re-awakening.
Azaphaer that's so many reptiles! That must take a lot of time and dedication to care for them all. I just have one ornery black Kitty who grabs our legs and meows loudly when she wants attention. She's the only cat I've had who almost always comes when called because she loves the attention. She doesn't like other cats and she tore up the window covering trying to attack a cat she saw outside. But she's getting more tolerant about seeing other animals outside without freaking out. Lol.

I have a ten gallon fish tank with 2 aquatic frogs and 3 corydoras. It's all I have space for. I like betas too and sometimes keep one in the tank but not right now since they have such short life spans. I have house plants too.
(2021-11-24 1:58)Elinox Wrote: [ -> ]Wow Azaphaer, your albino reticulated python is gorgeous!...

Thank you Elinox, she is a big sweetheart. I call her Lemon Merengue <3
Its really great what animals can show and teach us about ourselves. They really are some of the best teachers in life.

Here is my first snake, Zaria, my albino boa ^^
[Image: zaria.jpg]

(2021-11-24 3:42)Tdae Wrote: [ -> ]Azaphaer that's so many reptiles! That must take a lot of time and dedication to care for them all. I just have one ornery black Kitty who grabs our legs and meows loudly when she wants attention...

It is a lot of work, but extremely rewarding! We had a black cat that is about the same. He's still around, though my partner's parents have abducted him for the time being XD. They lost their cat and so our boy is spending time with them now.

[Image: mitaka.jpg]

100+ reptiles, wow. You must have a fair amount of land with a barn or something?
(2021-11-29 0:37)Arethinn Wrote: [ -> ]100+ reptiles, wow. You must have a fair amount of land with a barn or something?

Not a lot of land, but our home has a decent amount of square footage. We're on about 2 acres. The majority of our reptiles are in our finished basement, with a few scattered around other rooms in the house. Most of these are snakes which are kept in large professionally made snake breeding racks.

We have 2 ARS 5040 and 1 Freedom Breeder

The freedom breeder is on the left in this photo, and one of the ARS racks is visible on the right. The other ARS is on the left side of the freedom breeder.
[Image: IMG_7612.png]

Then for the larger snakes I have 15 of these stackable pvc enclosures of varying sizes. These are the 5 currently in my office.
[Image: IMG_7611.png]

The largest cage I have is an 8ftx4ftx4ft for my red tegu. Behind it you can see one of the racks for our hatchling snakes which holds up to 50. There is another melamine rack on the side of the tegu cage out of sight, that holds 10 corn snakes. You can also see one of the exo terras holding a crested gecko, there are 4 more exo terras not seen here.
[Image: IMG_7613.png]

We also have an uncountable amount of rats that we breed for feeders and for pets occassionaly. They are set up in our heated garage. We do plan on getting a large barn for them so I can have the garage back for our cars lol
[Image: IMG_7614.png]
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