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Full Version: Past Life Experiences
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Im not sure if this is the right category for this topic. Since my introduction post, Ive been kind of struggling with trying to come up with a topic to post about. There were just so many and I wasnt sure whats been already done or not. My apologies if something like this has already been posted about.

For those that believe that theyve had past lives, have you ever encountered others from those past lives in this current life, or at the very least remember events that you too have also remembered? If so, what was this experience like for you?

For myself, I have encountered quite a few individuals now, around 15 in total or so. And although it does still surprise me when I meet another one, it is also a very surreal experience. The realization almost seems to come out of nowhere too. Im a skeptical individual. Coming in to my beliefs spiritually and even with my otherkin identity... I was cautious and reluctant. So when it came to encountering others that seemed to cross paths with me in those other lives, I was reluctant to accept it or believe it. I do what I call a "dance" with this individual in question. Each asking questions to the other without giving too much away, but enough to confirm or deny if their claims match your own truth regarding the past life interaction. And this dance, has served me well.

I enjoy meeting others and learning of their story, regardless if Ive had prior connections to them in past lives or not. Even if I do, its an adventure to get to know them as they are now. I would be curious to hear if anyone else has had any experiences like these as well?
I've personally never met anyone else from my home. They're all dragons so if I have I wouldn't be able to tell.

I often get deja vu of strange architecture and natural environments, these particular memories I have never seen on Earth.
Oh? If you dont mind me asking, what do you remember of your home? If there were buildings, what was the architecture like?
Nothing confirmed, just a gut instinct that I knew my best friend (a dragon) and my mate in a past life/lives.
I have met only 1 other person who I strongly believe lived alongside me in a past life together outside of this body(Members of our system will be excluded in this). This isn't something that we concluded overnight, and we weren't looking for each other either. There's a lot of things in this life that mirror ones from our past that have only made realizing this connection all that stronger for us. To get into all the details is one I probably couldn't even begin to write down..

This one person is my mate. I was never initially out to him as Otherkin nor did I ever plan to be. As you get closer to people though, I got to a point where I truly felt I could open up to him about it. Never did I think after telling him about it, that he too would share these feelings with me. Although, there was always something familiar about him, like we had met before, one that he admittedly felt too. Its partly how we ended up meeting/dating in the first place. All just started over a comment on DeviantArt.

After having come out to him as Otherkin, we were both able to finally talk about our othersides. Telling him I was a dragon was easier for me, but eventually I would come out to him as Cybertronian too. We were both Transformers fans, one of the shared interests that brought us together. He wasn't bothered my being fictionkin as I had feared, and had again shared similar feelings. We would spend hours at night over voice calls talking about what we remembered, the dreams we had, and about our shifts. This is how we determined we truly were from the same life, that we were who we believed ourselves to be. When we finally started living together, not being able to bear long distance, there are times we even have the same dreams at the same time.

I've never been able to meet other Cybertronians who have shared this with me. I've met few other Cybertronians, but none that were this close to me and shared a life where we interacted. I think there is 1 other person who has shared similar memories with me, but not as close. Then again, as Cybertronian I wasn't close to many.

I've never quite met anyone from my past lives physically reincarnated into someone I know in this life, if that's what you mean. However I do have some way of connecting with a particular face from my Marowak life, and that being my spirit work and chaos magic. I've called upon spiritually and worked with the spirit of my mother Marowak, which has always been pretty important to me to do considering my species in-game lore. Guzma, my soulbond, has also connected with faces from his life in this way as well.

I have met some people who I expect have had some sort of past life experiences intertwined with mine. My partner being one I suspect big time. But of course, nothing is confirmed.

I would absolutely love to be able to meet a close friend of mine from my android life again. I do miss her. I doubt my partner is her, though.
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