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Full Version: Dragon puppet
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I've loved dragons since I was very young, and perhaps this is why I identify as one, but after gaining inspiration and (nearly) finishing my mini puppet, a small dragon whose head is controlled by my index finger sat on a glove (inspiration video at the end of the post) I have decided I want to take on a longer term project that's a bit bigger. I also had the sweet idea of using him to raise money, like walking around town and people donating money for a charity or something cause they like him.

It's only just started off, and since my silly Chromebook can't post images I'll leave a Google doc with picture updates underneath here-

Feel free to suggest stuff for him like colours, name, and eye colours. He'll be my OC so I'm not doing existing dragon characters nor anything too complicated.

I did get some inspiration for this guy from a crafty youtuber who likes very similar stuff to me. I've sort of combined two of her projects, her dragon and unicorn puppets, to work for me. Anyways, I thought I'd share this journey with you all. It will take a while as I tend to get a bit discouraged from a project if things go wrong but I'll try my hardest o get it done when I can. It will also take a while because of school and I only have access to a sewing machine twice a week.

Little dragon hand puppet:

Big dragon puppet:

Unicorn puppet:

Nearly finished his craft foam headbase!
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