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Hello there! My name is Hirshama and recently I have stumbled upon your forum. Im not a stranger to the Otherkin Communities. At one point I was very active and involved in various different ones, but over time as I saw those Communities drastically change, I lost my momentum and backed out of most of them for a time. The ones I was still apart of, I have watched the activity fade away, so here I am on search to find others that may still be active.

I strongly believe in past lives and believe that I have been many different things and have been known by many different names. But at the core of it all, I identify as a winged feline like creature. I also identify as Nonbinary or Genderless, but female pronouns are fine. I am a Pagan and follow a shamanistic path of beliefs. I love questions; to ask them and be asked them, so please dont feel hesitant to ask me something.

I enjoy art; mainly illustrating and painting, as well as photography, sewing and candle making. I also like to hike and to play video games as well.

I look forward to meeting you all.
Welcome to OKP Hirshama!

How did you discover you are a winged feline, did you experience an awakening and if so, what was that like?

Well, I suppose there had always been signs. Obsessively loving and relating to felines, playing 'big cats' or 'monsters' as a child, always wanting to climb trees. I also had a natural gift for sensing and communing with spirits and just connecting...

Unfortunately, I come from an overly religious family and those things were really frowned upon. I was made to believe that my natural gift was evil and something to be afraid of and those game of make believe and being close to nature were unlady-like and wrong. So I suppressed a lot of it. I was introduced to the concept of otherkin back in 2001, but it was poorly explained to me at first and so I too found it outlandish and crazy. I would later meet another individual later on who better explained it to me. Still, though... I did not think myself to be one.

My Awakening began June 22, 2002. I was highly depressed that day and my thoughts had turned very dark. My parents property had a lot of cliffs and so I climbed one and decided I would 'jump off'. Call it what you want, but to me the Spirits stopped me. I heard all of these voices suddenly explode through my mind. I heard roars. I saw flashes of images and feelings. The main of the voices pleaded with me to stop. That soon it would all start to make sense. I thought I had gone insane.

Over the next few weeks, the dreams began. Highly detailed and full sensory. Dreams of places I had never been. Individuals I had never met before. I had dreams of hunting as a large feline. Of being a large feline. I began to research other religions and spiritual paths. As time went on I began to experience more things; phantom limbs, memory flashes, odd experiences/occurrences. I joined otherkin sites, but I couldnt find others of my kind.(at first I thought I was a white tiger otherkin before the phantom wings and flying dreams came about a year later) I searched for lore but at that time I couldnt find anything. I began to call myself a "fuzzy gargoyle". Over the years I have learned more; about my spiritual path and about my identity, and I often find that the two are greatly intertwined.
Welcome to OKP!

What sort of paganism do you practice? I'm Wiccan myself, with animism and Druidism thrown in for extra flavoring. Wink
Well met Elinox Smile

I tend to just say I follow the Shaman's Path. Although more recently Ive been looking into Druidism as well. I dont worship any deities, but I believe in and honor the Source/Great Spirit.

I commune with spirits and hold council with them for guidance and for lessons. I spiritwalk (astral travel) and can also dreamwalk as well. I work with the elements, crystals/gemstones, and with Energies. I perform rituals for various different purposes but typically healing, protection, cleansing or blessing. I also do Tarot or Oracle card readings, but lately Ive been sticking to just Oracle cards. I actually got a really nice deck last year so Ive been using solely those cards. I like to work with plants and commune with trees. Ive been trying to befriend the crows around my home but its been slow going; the blue jays and grackles on the other hand.

Thats a bit about my beliefs. Im open to all questions if you want me to dive in deeper. ^_^ I know a bit about Wicca, but what are some of your own beliefs? Or rather, how do you practice them?
(2021-06-23 1:32)Hirshama Wrote: [ -> ]Thats a bit about my beliefs. Im open to all questions if you want me to dive in deeper. ^_^ I know a bit about Wicca, but what are some of your own beliefs? Or rather, how do you practice them?

Do you incorporate your 'kin identity with your practices? If so, how?

I try to follow the Wiccan wheel of the year holidays with honoring the God and Goddess. I also try to live every day respecting and loving nature. However, with a full time job and hobbies, it's often hard! I'm also open to questions, which we can move to the magic subforum here. Wink
Hmm, I suppose the only way I do so is symbolism. I make blessed jewelry for myself and on my current necklace I have a pendant of a winged feline. I also have a blessed ring that is also a winged feline. Sometimes I will use my personal symbol which is a 6 toed feline pawprint (as many of my feral forms had six toes) in some of my rituals or blessings, but thats probably about the extent of it.

Although my kin identity started out as a major part of my identity, now it has become just another piece. It is still very much important, but so are the other facets that make me, me.

Sure! We can move this conversation to another forum section. Smile See ya there!
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