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Full Version: My home, myself, and my 'territory'
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Hello all! ^ ^ I am recently reincarnated (in-system- I was an alter who was present for many years and recently re-integrated into a newer, more comfortable and updated identity to reflect my new role). I am an Elven goddess who presides over the natural area of the headspace that's modeled after my people's home lands. ^ ^

I have been a part of my system, and a spiritual elven otherkin since at least 2011. I have gone by many names since I started in this community!

In my spiritual/past life as an elf, I came from a world with two moons, as well as a unique solar system with twin suns. The planet was flush with many biomes, though seemed to lack a significant amount of snowfall overall. Continents/areas with heavy snowfall were extremely rare, and the cultures that thrived there were the hardiest.

The average climate was humid and on the hotter side- tropical and sub-tropical climates were quite common. In other areas of the planet, they were barren and arid, due to how powerful the suns could get.

I was a Lunar and cultural deity for my people, who were one of many species who occupied our planet/solar colony. I was the goddess of our planet's two moons. I came from an oasis colony that sat right on the edge of an extremely hot and humid tropical biome, an ocean, and an arid desert. We were not the only ones by any means, and I was not the only deity in my pantheon. I worked with other local, cultural elven deities. I worked very closely with a fishing deity, an ocean deity, a solar deity, and an "underdark" -type elf goddess who lived under ground, deep under the desert's sandstone floors.

We worked together to preserve the land our people lived on, and rewarded elves who did the same. Elves who used their magic, strength, or smarts to benefit the land, provide for their communities, and take care of their vulnerable were often very religious, and were rewarded for their hard work.

We were very much fae or sidhe adjacent creatures. Any person that we chose to 'grace' with a 'gift' became essentially fae-touched; they warp reality a little around them, and have small gifts relating to fae talents. The land we occupied was a plane not too far off from what was considered "reality" and was easily phased in between. Generally speaking, it was easiest to cross the threshold into our plane by stepping into a forest, but other areas had thinner veils as well.

In the innerworld, my territory is comparatively small, scaled down for the respective size of our system. The vast majority of our deities are not present, but there are a few that have carried over, or mirror deities from my world.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little about myself and my people. This is information I've collected over 10 years through meditation, introspection, memories, etc.

Take care! Thank you for reading!

- Iris (Luna)
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