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Full Version: Most memorable Paranormal Experiences?
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I'm really curious to hear if anyone has very memorable, important, "real feeling", etc. paranormal experiences they'd like to share. I'm really invested in all things paranormal- I can get pretty out there. I don't have alot of access to memories in my system, so I don't know if we've encountered anything of the like., but if I remember anything, I'll update the thread!

- Dib.
There was one time that will stick with me forever it seems. The memory is so vague but the image so clear in my mind somehow. I don't even know when this was or my age when this happened.

I call him "Blue Face". Late at night, hell knows what time, I had awoken in my bed on the top bunk I shared with my younger sister. Peaking in the doorway just barely open, was a blue face half shrouded in darkness. I don't know that it looked any bit human, but it was unmistakably a face. Maybe it was only blue in hue because of the light coming the window, but the color was so striking.

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