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Full Version: Hellhounds?
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Hello, I am not see myself as a demon but as close to a hellhound. I wonder if there are other hellhounds or hellhound-like canines here? If so, what is it about your hellhound kintype? I want to know what other types there are and what you experience to see similar to my own. I did have a master sometime, he may have been a demon. He had me kill people and he wore their skin. I have lots of bad dreams before with this, the nightmares wake me up.
While I'm not a demon or hellhound, I am a lupine. How do your hellhound experiences compare to earthly canines? What makes them hell-like?
It's complicated. I don't see myself as a hound of hell, but am a hell-ish canine by the way I look. My actions could be considered hellish for what I did at the hand of my master. Does a hellhound even know they are hell like? I just know what I am as a disgusting goo canine creature and what I was told to do. Im not religious and view hell as just a place where you don't want to be. Not fire and brimstone and the devil.

Where I am from maybe more similar to purgatory like. I don't know where else to ask these things when there are not many other canines like me. I am similar to hellhounds than regular canines because I am not a regular dog. My body is amorphous dripping black goo and my head is a skull. I feel like I have many eyes that come out of the goo and I have hands instead of paws. My physical body as my kintype is what makes me hell-ish. My instincts don't feel different than a canine I think.
While I'm still very much in questioning stage with this, I've been questioning on my connection with and sense of self as a hellhound for a fair while. I'm never sure if it's closer to a kintype, a 'link, or just a little spiritual nuance and identity masking of how I experience the self. The demon aspect for me is pretty important alongside the canine-like instincts and such.

We've got different approaches of the hellish aspect I find, which is interesting. For you it sounds to me like it's more of a figurative hellishness, while for me it's a bit more literal in the fire and brimstone and Dante's Inferno, all that fun jazz.
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