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Full Version: Locked Subforum?
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I've noticed that the therian subforum is locked & I was wondering why, or if maybe it was a mistake.
Since this is a forum specifically dedicated to the otherkin (specifically so that it doesn't have to be mixed up with Therianthropy and Fictionkin anymore), I assumed it would make more sense to take discussions concerning Therianthropy to a forum dedicated to Therianthropy.

The old content of the forum might still be useful despite this and therefore it hasn't been removed, just locked.

Honestly, I don't know if the therian subforum would even be posted to if it wasn't locked, but I feel like it should be unlocked especially since 1.) therians are a kind of otherkin under the broader definition that this forum used to go under & I figured it still goes under, and 2.) therian & otherkin forums are already relatively low activity anymore & I'd hate for someone to come on this site who ends up wanting to post sometimes in the therian section but instead can't because it's locked & has to go to some other site.

It just feels like building arbitrary walls between otherkin, therians, & fictionkin, which I think the communities have been around long enough that we should be taking down those walls, not embracing them. But ultimately this decision is up to Elinox, so if she wants it to stay locked then I'll respect that.
Honestly, I understand wanting therian discussions being directed to therian forums rather than otherkin ones.

However, I feel that having a therian subforum here should be allowed. 1. Because we've always had that subforum, like all the other specific 'kin type forums. 2. Alienating therians by having only that subforum locked seems strange since there are other types with dedicated subforums that also have specific forums. 3. I feel that if someone prefers to discuss certain topics/experiences in one forum over another that should be allowed because maybe they simply feel better in one place over the other. We shouldn't be dictating where someone feels the most comfortable. If they'd rather a therian-centric forum, that's fine. But discussing therian topics here should be allowed too.

That said, the therian subforum here hasn't ever really seen that much action, so I don't see it as being overly popular. But having it accessible would be nice.
Well it's not my decision really, so feel free to set it up as you wish.

(2021-05-05 15:07)DustWolf Wrote: [ -> ]Well it's not my decision really, so feel free to set it up as you wish.

Got it, thanks! I'll change it tonight, when I'm home from work.
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