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Full Version: Power objects, hoards, and crystals
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We've had various draconic entities in our system throughout the years- they've always been here to protect us, and we've always had them among our ranks. Each of our dragons have had different perspectives and view points on each of these things- some of our dragons do "hoard" objects, some do not.

Many of us, non-dragons included, find ourselves so drawn to crystals and gemstones that it nearly drives us mad.

What are your experiences with these concepts, if they apply to you, and your experience as a dragon?

Since I was young, I've had the habit of pocketing things. Usually things like neat rocks, feathers, or what have you I could find outside.. then some things that I probably should not have taken. I do not condone taking things that are not yours, and little dragon me learned not to do that anymore, though the urge is always there.

I am definitely a hoarder. Not the kind you see on Tv that gets buried in their belongings, but of an OCD dragon that collects, organizes, and neatly displays my prizes. It matters to me greatly that my hoard is elegantly shown off to those who enter my den. In purchasing my first home I acquired an antique set of a beautiful oak dining table and curio cabinet. That cabinet is just as much part of my hoard as what I keep in it. All of my crystals, stones, bones, and glorious findings displayed within it are my pride and joy.

The way I have collected things for my hoard has evolved over time certainly. From things found and scavenged, to flea markets and little shops, and my all time favourite: Gem and mineral shows. The first time my partner took me to one, I came home with the biggest boxes full of everything I could get my claws(and wallet) on. I'm a kid in a candy shop, or more literally, a dragon at a gem show!

I fall ridiculously into the western dragon stereotype of hoarding and guarding its treasure. Its a big part of who I am!
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