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Full Version: Does the color of your scales have meaning?
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As someone who has had an intense interest in dragons over the years, and has an extremely strong connection with them without actually being one, i've always wondered- does the color of your scales influence anything about you?

For example, in a lot of fiction, a red dragon would be a "fire" dragon, a green dragon would be an "earth" Dragon, and so forth. Is there a correlation for you?
I'm an albino dragon. Not many stereotypes or coloration meanings come to my specific scale type, though many exist for white dragons. In appearance one might mistake me for a "white" dragon, but I truly am not. Albinism is a lack of pigment that creates color, so really I am colorless.

I do think there is meaning in my scales appearance, that reflect the cosmos surrounding all of us. They reflect, shimmer, and sheen with fiery mirroring of the universe. A cosmic opal, that absorbs and gives back the energy in an eternal mutual relation to all. My element is aether.
No, not that I'm aware of, and sort of. Let me elaborate:

Dragon 1: Black and green shades, as far as I know just camouflage in our forest environment. This dragon was of lower intelligence, so did not have a complex society or concepts like "elements" or possibly even language as we know it.

Dragon 2: (actually hide, not scales, or if they were scales then they were very fine) Silver; others of the same species were metallic pale yellowish green and metallic pale orange. I don't have any specific memories of this having societal meaning (even as much as hair color does to humans, much less any specific conceptual associations or societal roles), but it is probably more accurate to say "I don't know" than "No".

Dragon 3: Nonphysical (although capable of "condensing" into a physical state). Colored like space and stars because that's what they are "of". So this one yes, the coloration does mean something about the dragon.
YES! mine are green, the color of nature and my dragon goddes Tiamat. + eye color of water my element.
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