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Full Version: Shoutbox error message
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Someone reported that they couldn't submit something via Shoutbox.

I just tried (on mobile) and got the following:

[Image: 20210426_171506.jpg]

Also, just testing to see how tagging works here - @Bubbles
I'm on Chromebook if that is of any significance.
Try now!
(2021-04-27 11:39)Bubbles Wrote: [ -> ]Try now!

It's still giving me an error message. ;-;

I'm trying on Chrome/ mobile (Samsung Galaxy S9)

I haven't had a chance to try on desktop yet.
It's stopped working for me. Hrmm...
I'm also getting those errors! cant seem to shout on mobile

I think I fixed it.

(2021-04-28 20:31)DustWolf Wrote: [ -> ]I think I fixed it.


It's working for me now on mobile. Thank you! ^^
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