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My name is Emma. I'm a therian from the old days, where I used to be known as Padfoot, Blackshuck, and/or Bewylderbeast. Maybe urbanimal, I can't remember. I spent most of my time at the Awareness Forums.

I've been all over the place in trying to understand my identity. If I remember correctly:

> wolf > deerhound > canine cladotherian > + dragon > maned wolf > break from the therian community > neo-pagan totemism > not a therian > shamanic practitioner training > grey wolf who strongly shifts into various animal spirit allies

There are still parts of me I don't understand. I have wings, and horns. Sometimes hooves on my back legs. Sometimes I'm on all fours, sometimes I walk on two.

My interests include looking after plants, dungeons & dragons, making art, and looking after my two cats.

Hey, nice to see you around again! :3
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