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Hello, my name is Azaphaer! I'm here hoping to help in making this forum a wonderful place for Otherkin to share and connect with others who share a similar experience. :>

About Myself

In my daily life I am a 26 year old guy who works for a bank as a living. I live with my partner and our zoo of a household. We both own a reptile breeding business as a secondary job/hobby. I've loved reptiles ever since I can remember and this has always been one of my dreams. Other hobbies of mine include drawing, auto enthusiasm, and the furry fandom.

About my Otherkinity

On the inside, I am a dragon and cybertronian in spirit. Theres always been this is feeling inside of me that knew this about myself; that I wasn't quite human. As early as my memory goes I thought I was a dragon. Not just in the sense of a child playing pretend, but that I was secretly a dragon as my younger self would call it. I do believe myself to be born awakened in this aspect, as there was never a time in my life that I didn't think I was a dragon.

In 2007 I discovered the draconic community and likewise Otherkin and Therians. This is where I would say I had an awakening that I wasn't alone and that there are others like me. I was able to learn so much more about myself and that it was okay to be my true self, unlike how I was treated for who I was in my daily life. I was finally able to embrace my draconity.

I discovered that I am an astral dragon. Through dreams, meditations, and phantom shifts over the years I was able to put together the pieces of myself and what I looked like. I'm your typical western style dragon, although ethereal in nature and albino in coloration. I also have a large red gem sticking out from my chest just below my neck.

[Image: tumblr_inline_qoa62nda2a1sl2cx4_500.png]

My second kintype took a little longer for me to come to terms with. Being Cybertronian is something I've also felt a connection to for the longest time, my earliest recollection coming from watching Top Gun when I was around 4 years old. Seeing the jets I felt an immediate affinity. Not just that I liked them, but that I was one. The thought was pushed away for a long time not feeling like I was inanimate object, but the feelings would never suffice. I discovered the Transformers in 2002 and again something immediately clicked. Those jet feelings were still there and then I knew why, it was exactly how I felt, a bio-mechanical were-jet. I realized there was a species out there that matched this, Cybertronian, and I was one in a past life.

Coming to terms with finding a fictional source for what I am was what took me the longest to get over. However I still view it closer to an Otherkin experience than fictionkin, when my identity doesn't rely on the source. I am this species before I am a media character. Many times I struggle with knowing my existence is part of a Franchise, but I tell myself its not me, just a reflection, a character. My true life as Cybertronian wasn't a cartoon or comic.
I was real.

I've definitely learnt a lot about myself and about others experiences during my time in the community. I'm more than happy to answer any questions or talk if you need someone to listen. Don't be a stranger, I don't bite(usually)!

Hi, I'm syra a demon wolf.

Do you have any past memories or remember being a Cybertronian in another life?
Hello, Azaphaer!

I know we haven't met before this year, but I feel like I've known you for a long time. ^ ^ You seem like a really interesting person, and I'm excited to get to know you more! Your kintypes are awesome- I love your descriptions of your dragon, and cybertronian self.

Glad to be working alongside you! Cheers!

- Lacuna
Syraphin Faelad, its nice to meet you :>

I do in fact have some memories of my past life as Cybertronian, however they are hazy at best and patchy in detail for the most part. A majority of my memories are of other places in different times, looking through my optics and remembering the feeling of being there. Other memories are more about interactions I've had with other Cybertronians.

This mind and soul too, remembers what it felt like to be Cybertronian. Full body phantom shifts happen often for me, and include the memory of what it felt like to transform. Its hard to explain, knowing how your body is supposed to just.. fold perfectly into itself, but it can't anymore.

- - -

Lacuna, I'm also excited to be working with you! Its odd, but I get that a lot when I meet other people ^^. I think I know you quite a bit from TG so that may be why!

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