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Full Version: New Discord server for older/adult otherkin and therians
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(If you are wondering what Discord is, it's basically the group chat platform all the kids are into these days. Vaguely like IRC in some respects, but not. See <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="https://discordapp.com/">https://discordapp.com/</a><!-- m -->. You can either download a client, or use it in a browser.)

A fae friend of mine on Tumblr (wait! come back! they're not that kind of tumblr-folk), after being dissatisfied with the Otherkin.net Discord and a fae-kin server run by Alynna, decided with some trepidation to start their own, called Mythcord, and asked for signal boosts. Here's their pitch:

This server is primarily meant for older/adult otherkin with mythical kintypes and therians. 18+ age only, although it’s not going to be a lewd place, I would much rather discuss such things with adults. Heavier on the introspection and critical thinking, reasonably light on the memes and lolrandomtaco-ness.

Other kintypes aren’t forbidden by any means, and I know plenty of people have more than one, so I leave it up to you to decide if this sounds like a space you’d fit into.

There is a 10-minute security lockout to prevent griefers, but you’ll at least be able to read the public channels. After that time, just introduce yourself, and you’ll be assigned the member role as soon as possible which will let you into the rest of the server.

Link to Mythcord
Their Tumblr post
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