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Full Version: Hearth welcome
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Draft of a thing that might or might not get used for anything. The PantheaCon meetup isn't even a semi-official event in a hospitality suite or anything, but the first couple of lines occurred at random while I was walking in from the parking garage yesterday morning, and I wondered if maybe it could be used in that context, because I've pondered the idea of some more... intentional things there. Not a schedule of events like groups with hospitality suites have, but... I dunno, something. Anyway.

A hearth for those of mythic heart
Fae-born, Elf-souled, from Otherworld,
Of dragons' power, angels' grace,
Chimaeric beasts of eld,
Shifting folk of fur and tail,
Spirits of the living Green,
Of shadows or celestial light,
Tribe of Danu, Aes Sidhe--

A hearth:
For those who walk 'midst humankind
Oft times unseen, sometimes ill used,
Who know they are of Other kind;
And for such friends as they may choose--

A hearth:
Where may enchanted mead be drunk
In sparkling light of Under-Hill
And peace beneath the stars be found
For those who enter with good will.

Shine forth the ancient Dreaming of the Earth!
Be lit the hearth!
This now has a companion closing piece:

Now let the mythic flame be banked
And all you fair folk here be thanked
For your presence on this night
And blessed by gleams of glamourlight:

You Fae and Elves, you dragons strong
You angels of the heavens' throng
Fantastic beasts and folk of fur,
Souls of Nature green and pure,

Elementals, shadows, wights
Of land and sea and starry heights,
Alfar folk, Tuatha Dé,
And human friends who came to play--

You must go forth, but take with you
The spark of majik, shining true
To re-enchant the world outside
And in your heart-place to abide.

Sweet song enfolds the Dreaming of the Earth!
Now sleeps the hearth!
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