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I had a mermaid kick too, but it never went away. Because of that I was very very hesitant to accept that perhaps mermaid for me is something more than just really liking them. I'm not technically mermaid-kin, but one of my primary morphs *is* mermaid. Polymorphs are complicated, mainly because primary morpyhs to me feel like their own kintypes a lot of the time, even though I know that they are not but an extension of my core type.

I also don't consider merfolk to be fae. You could stretch it to elementals, but I just consider them their own group. Kind of like how dragons could be seen as fire elementals if you wanted to call them that, but are their own group.
Seraphyna Wrote:I also don't consider merfolk to be fae. You could stretch it to elementals, but I just consider them their own group. Kind of like how dragons could be seen as fire elementals if you wanted to call them that, but are their own group.

Really? For me they're clearly Fae. Like satyrs, nymphs, centaurs (hey, I've never seen a centaur otherkin!)... mermaids, sea-fae. I really don't see them as elementals at all... for some reason. o_o I can't explain it properly, I'll have to meditate upon that a little. I think I have a different idea about what elementals are.
As for dragons, I couldn't call them fire elementals neither, because you know, I see dragons that don't necessarily have to do with fire. There are water dragons for example... or simply dragons that don't breathe fire. Or dragons that have to do with other elements - air, ice, earth, whatever...
Reviving an old thread. <!-- sTongue --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz" /><!-- sTongue -->

Elinox Wrote:In fact, sparky here has noted that when I first discovered that I was a wolf and told her about it that it surprised her because of my natural affinity for water, mermaids and dolphins. She's told me that her first thought would have been some type of water 'kin, not wolf. Go figure. <!-- sWink --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink" /><!-- sWink -->

The sea, as per tradition come summertime for me it seems, is on my mind yet again. And I thought it interesting that over 2 years ago I said the above because now, after my 'orca phase' (I honestly don't know what to call that FUBAR experience!) I've been thinking about mermaids/mer-kin/mythological sea creature-things more and more. Mix that with my calling of the sea and I'm, once again damnit, wondering...But that's not the point right now.

Anyway, I thought it interesting to poke this topic back to life because in searching for mermaid-related topics my first thought was the Other/Mixed section. And I found it a bit odd that this topic falls under the Fae section. I'm in the middle camp; I'm not sure if mermaids are their own category or a subcategory of fae. I suppose, depending on the individual and how the 'kin manifests that it would go either way. However, it really comes down to what is included in your definition of fae.

I might classify mermaids as fae similarly to how one could also classify elves as a subcategory. They're individualistic enough to have their own society, rules, customs, etc., but overall the magic use, general humanoid appearance etc. are largely similar to the group fae at large. I can see how mermaids would then fit that generalized term. But it would seem confusing from a 'kin perspective to list your 'kin type as "Fae: mermaid" don't you all think? Much easier to just simply say "mermaid". *shrug*

Also, there can't only be the term "mer-kin" around for these types of beings. And 'mermaid' conjures up images of beautiful, long-haired, vain chicks with fishtails. What about the males (other than 'mermen')? And the "scary" version with giant teeth, huge eyes and a ravenous appetite for human flesh?

Food for thought folks.
oh bollocks, lost what I'd written.

1. The fae thing.
It works for me because all the water nymphs and so on are "hidden folk" in the nordic folklore, which makes fae as close to the accurate category as you can get really.

2. The "mer-kin" thing.
YES, that's a horrible term, for two reasons beyond the ones Elinox mentioned.
a; Mer = Ocean. What about freshwater ones?
b; Merkin is a word with a meaning already. A merkin is a genital wig. Look it up.
*blows dust and cobwebs off thread*
I first checked the fae subforum to find a thread like this, so I would consider merpeople atleast fae adjacent. They tend to feature together in girls' fantasy media or toys. Which isn't the most solid evidence of them being fae I know but I tend to categorise them together in my head. Water nymphs are fairies and are a very similar sort of thing.
I'm not entirely sure how common merpeople are in the community but I've ran into them on tumblr a good number of times. And I wouldn't be surprised if some hobby mermaids are actually kin.
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