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Elinox Wrote:Please share your thoughts and feelings on the different types of shifts you experience.

I experience astral, mental and occasionally dream shifts. My astral shifts occur when I enter a meditative state and then shift into my wolf self in the astral plane. I have the most control over this type of shift since it takes conscious effort to achieve it.

For me, mental shifts usually happen due to external circumstances. For example, I tend to experience mental shifts more when I'm out in nature or if I'm in a crowded area. Mental shifts are often the result of the inner animal's reaction to external stimuli. They can occur anywhere or anytime for me, but they seem to be affected most by where I am and who I'm with.

I have only occasionally dream shifted and since I (unlike my husband) have no control over my dreams, it's more of an unconscious expression of my therianthropy. On the rare times that I actually remember my dreams, I did not know what my wolf self looked like but I remember the feelings in the dream and of being a wolf.

So please, share your own experiences regarding shifts.

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I experience astral and mental shifts as well.

My astral shifts occur everytime I astrally project. This shift happens everytime I project and travel because it is one of my most natural talents.

My mental shifts happen almost the same as yours.

I also go what I think of as physical shifts. These shifts, obviously, change the physicallity of how I move. When I come from my lupine physical form back to human, my bones and muscles ache in some places, or feel completely at peace in others.
For my self i mental shift' all the time and astral shift offtin when i project i am also working arua shifting more also when i get time in any case i shift all the time.

Thow when i shift mentaly i do not always have the control over it as i should it happens over some strong feelings or just with out realzing it. same goes for astral shifting if not more so it just happens
automaticly ,.

I guess in any case the tow forums i shift most i am getting more control andjust feels so right but i also do it with out trying also at times. so that is pretty much it.
I don't "shift"... I loose control of my impulses...

and when that happens....

Let's just say I'm Really happy... I mean REALLY happy.. to have an understanding lover
Its good to have a little fun from time to time when shifting ;lol.
I have minor mental shifts, full body (only) phantom shifts, and thats all I'm aware of. I'm a suntherian, so instead of being at one end of the spectrum or the other, I'm always sliding somewhere between. Because of that...I tend not to notice my shifts unless they're one of the rarer, more extreme ones.
That is interresting.
I am also suntherian, constantly shifting between one end and the other, mentally. However, I have no idea what the creature is that I'm shifting toward and away from on that spectrum.
Malakoi Wrote:I am also suntherian, constantly shifting between one end and the other, mentally. However, I have no idea what the creature is that I'm shifting toward and away from on that spectrum.

<!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin --> Goodluck in finding out what that is!
Actual definition of Suntherian by the person whom invented the term

Post by WordWolf on Apr 18, 2005, 1:19pm

Let it be known this day,
Monday, April 18, 2005, 2:20pm Eastern,
WordWolf has invented the new term


This is similar to contherianthropy.
In fact, it is what is USUALLY meant by contherianthropy.

since there's a diehard core of people who insist
that the guy who coined the term
gets to define it,
and his outdated definition does not fit most

I've circumvented that problem by inventing a new term.


A SUNTHERIAN is a therian whose therioside
(primary or sole therioside)
is integrated into his baseline personality.

that integration does not prevent him/her from having
minor fluctuations of mood that feel slightly more
animal, or slightly less animal. He/she can feel them both
at the same time, human and animal.
He/she can NOT m-shift into his/her base theriotype
(whether primary or sole.)

Since I have invented this term, therefore,
the same rules apply, to be fair.
I get to define it.

Thank you all and have a nice day.

So if you have actual mental shifts (m-shifts) you aren't a suntherian.
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