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It's been a question for me, for a long time, as to whether ...oldbies...might have gotten quieter for more than one reason. In my case, there's a kind of...well, matter-of-fact thing going on here. I've realized that in my "job post" as a Creator, having human hands and a human brain helps, immensely. In addition, it seems that creativity, and my ability to bring the "imagined" into reality (or at least a representation of reality), may be one of my most fully "human" traits. It may also be why I am human, this time around.

This isn't to downplay the creativity of the rest of life, because obviously with our diversity, lots of beings can be (and become) lots of ways. I just am not sure that the development that goes on there is mental in any recognizable way; and if it is, to me that implies a larger system (beyond Darwinism) guiding species development and diversity.

Right now...I have not been reading up on the history of the alt.fan.dragons newsgroup...or whatever the originator of the otherkin movement was coded as, in reality: but I've realized that most of the oldbies have aged about a decade, and I kind of wonder where people are at as regards their position re: otherkin-ness.

In my case, I've had a lot of time to question why it was that I felt demonic when I was younger. I've gotten things fairly figured out by now, so much as I can...and a lot of it is fairly mundane stuff. In my case, it's sociopolitical stuff. I was targeted and demonized by bullies, and it took me at least a decade to release their grip and stop demonizing myself. But for that to happen, I had to learn about social context, and I had to find out what was driving people (like myself) to invest in something which I read, toward what is now the tail end of it, to be so hollow at core.

That is, I came to see ideas of non-therian otherkin as exemplifying themselves through social construction. This is not to discount the concept that social construction can be based on a different (metaphysical) level of thought...that I'm only touching on, here. But social construction means that a thing is not inherently existent, but because people act/behave as though it does and agree that it does, it takes on the properties of something that does exist. Like the concept of money, or law. These things only exist because we have all agreed (or enough of us have agreed) to play by the rules and acknowledge their existence; those of us who do not play by the rules are pushed out to the margins of society, or arrested and held captive by the majority of us who do, or who agree not to challenge the rule of law.

All right, so I am getting a little sociological here.

But after having investigated...some of the things I have (various versions of Satanism, including Atheistic Satanism), probably more deeply than a noninvested observer would, I came to the concept that (and forgive me for being anarchic) demons might not literally exist, but the beings whom the human concepts of demons were based upon, most likely did and do, and I would (unfortunately) be one of those beings -- in a conservative, hateful Western, Abrahamic version of society.

This is kind of visible in the way that trans* people are being targeted by discriminatory laws, now.

In those trans* people's views, it's likely that they are not demonic (unless they have internalized dominant views of such, as I had); but their view is not the dominant view, because they are not controlling the society. The people who are controlling the society and passing the discriminatory laws, see trans* people as inherently dangerous, perverted, and threatening. This isn't actually the case, one can see if one has known enough trans* people, but since this is the overall view (mythology/legend) of the politically and culturally dominant group, it becomes the rule that this group wants us to play by, and this group then has the power to try and force us to do so.

The drawback here is that, if I were not to conform to one or another legible gender presentation, I would likely be targeted and threatened because of the view that I would be inherently dangerous, perverted, and threatening. In my view, it's fairly certain that "the Devil" does not exist. Someone or something which responds to the name of "Devil" or "Satan" certainly does; in my case s/he (in response to the term, "Satan") was a humanizing force which helped me see the beauty and naturality in myself.

But that doesn't mean that the character which Evangelical Christianity has created in order to scare people into their ranks, actually exists somewhere. That character doesn't even make any internal sense; in my view it exists as a marketing tool for Christianity...but, "we're better than the (fictional) alternative," is not the greatest way to win me over.

Granted that I've known some people who set out to contact "Demons" and ended up worse off than before: like I said, someone responds to the title (and probably not who you thought would do so). You're lucky if your heart is in the right place and you're respectful, and you have already attracted a kind spirit who hangs around and appears in the form of a Demon to help you (as this is what you expect and accept). But this is a dangerous practice; if your heart and intentions (and clarity) are not in the right place, if you try to force a spirit to be your slave: what good does come (if any) may also come at a high price.

Granted that I myself have had a pretty close scrape with at least one Demon; however, it's likely that He would have gotten a lot of people wishing Him to be their genii. Countless people seek out Satanism and Demonolatry because they simply want something they don't have, and they want it badly enough that they seek to sell themselves for eternity. I don't think this is really a great way to approach a future Master...it shows something of short-sightedness, at the least. But point being that there is *someone* who will respond to any name you ask...but this is not necessarily correlative to human legend, mythology, or religion. The real meat behind what I was into when I was into Satanism was not necessarily tied exclusively to Satanism, though some of the thought that arose when I was researching early forms of U.S. Satanism (particularly that offshoot of Allee's FCOS) was key in my being able to understand what was going on.

In addition, whoever it was that I was chasing when I was chasing "Satanism"...at least before I started looking at specific names...I do still find interesting. But I might have to divorce the goodness from the monstrous pop-culture shell in order to be able to speak clearly about them to other people.

Anyhow, I've come back here because I've found that even if the concept of being "otherkin" doesn't work out (I've explained above why I felt that "human" is very likely a good indicator of my core identity [a Creator], at this point), this (OKP) is still a place where I felt very free to think, and very able to be creative. Unfortunately, that creativity was folding back upon myself at the time I was writing, here, because I didn't have a suitable outlet at the time...so I think.

Ah -- gotta get to bed.

What are some of the insights you've had about otherkin-ness, after a while?
chordal Wrote:I've realized that most of the oldbies have aged about a decade, and I kind of wonder where people are at as regards their position re: otherkin-ness.

I'm still here! And I still identify as otherkin. It's not exactly faded for me, and at this point I'm fairly certain it will always be a part of me, but I have become less active in the online communities. I just don't feel like I have a lot to add to all the newbies. And I refuse to go to the cesspool that is Tumblr, which is where a lot of the newer, more active 'kin stuff is happening nowadays.

chordal Wrote:What are some of the insights you've had about otherkin-ness, after a while?

The biggest one is that identity, and thus identifying as otherkin, is fluid and you're never actually done learning about yourself.

When I first came to the communities, I naturally (and foolishly) assumed there would be some point in my research and figuring stuff out where I'd be 'yup, that's me, period, forever, yay I have a FINAL ANSWER' and that's just not how it works. Life changes, identity changes, I've changed.

But yes, I still identify as otherkin. I just don't talk about it as much as I used to online. <!-- sWink --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink" /><!-- sWink -->
I seem to be a fixture in the community, mainly because I'm too damn stubborn to let the fluffers win <!-- s:lol: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title="Laughing" /><!-- s:lol: --> I've found that as I've aged my identity has become more integrated and I have found that psychology, etc. can 100% explain all that we experience. That's not to say that I think all spiritual otherkin are wrong per se...but I find it hard to believe in spiritual causes over those we can fully explain.
Hey, Sera.

Your explanation does make sense to me. I should be getting to bed...I may have pneumonia. But psychological otherkinity makes sense to me. What's going on in my case is that I'm really needing to embrace a role as Creator...requiring the use of some really human skills. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

As an aside, has anyone seen that thread on Everyday Feminism which talks about furries? On Facebook there is mention of otherkin in relation. I haven't read the article yet, but I found the assertion that furries are largely LGBTQIA+ to be interesting.
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