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Full Version: Wow, folks. Wow.
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<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://seedmagazine.com/news/2006/06/the_gay_animal_kingdom.php">http://seedmagazine.com/news/2006/06/th ... ingdom.php</a><!-- m -->

I learned in my first Human Sexuality class that forty percent of giraffes -- or at least male giraffes; can't remember which -- are gay.

Then I found out that Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church -- you know, of "God Hates Fags" fame -- plan to picket Heath Ledger's funeral, as well as this year's Academy Awards ceremony.

I'm pretty sure no one in the country thinks about gay sex more than Fred Phelps. Even nymphomaniacs of the homosexual orientation are probably saying, "Honey, you need to calm down."

I hope someone pickets HIS funeral. Hell, I might even do it myself, if I have the time and money to fly to Kansas for it.

~ Ashaiel
Well, I'll gladly take him out so we can picket his funeral. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
That is just plain horrible! Honestly, it's a funeral, they should just respect that... wtf. <!-- s:x --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_mad.gif" alt=":x" title="Mad" /><!-- s:x -->
I wrote about the picket on Heath's funeral 2-3 days ago on another forum. I am really surprised by some of the responses I got. For the most part people were against the picketing, but there were quite a few people who represented themselves as hard core Christians that agree with what this man is doing. What happened to respect and comment decency?
Not to mention the idiocy factor of picketing the funeral of a STRAIGHT man when you're trying to speak out against HOMOSEXUAL. Seriously, if they really were trying to make a statement, why not picket the funeral of a well-known homosexual?

Or do they think their message of hatred and intollerance is already well understood and they should thus move on to the "tarred with the same brush" section of their program?
Xanthus Wrote:Not to mention the idiocy factor of picketing the funeral of a STRAIGHT man when you're trying to speak out against HOMOSEXUAL

You have to jeep in mind that Fred Phelps is an extremist. His "church" is not accepted by the Baptist community and they are not part of the Baptist association. The "church" started out as all of his family members. They are an extremist group hiding behind a religion veil.

These are the same people that protest the funerals of soldiers killed in the Iraq, any Church that they deem is a "fag church", the Oscars, etc.
Ashaiel Wrote:Then I found out that Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church -- you know, of "God Hates Fags" fame -- plan to picket Heath Ledger's funeral, as well as this year's Academy Awards ceremony.

I wrote about this in my friends-protected LJ. I'd C&P the whole thing here, but the profanity content is high. <!-- s:evil: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_evil.gif" alt=":evil:" title="Evil or Very Mad" /><!-- s:evil: -->

*The following is completely my opinion, an excerpt from the said entry*.

"I'd watched a feature on this sickening 'religion' on the Jeremy Kyle Show on YouTube (just search Jeremy Kyle - The Most Hated Family in America) and you can just see this mother grinning inanely with her two blank-eyed daughters. My first thought was "This woman's been brainwashed, I don't know what feeling's stronger; the pity or the hate."

I am one to respect people's beliefs, but these people do not respect mine (or anyone else's, apart from their own). God teaches Christians to love their neighbour, and to treat others how they would like to be treated - not to abuse people, bully, and to beat down grieving families "all for the name of God". In the WBC's view, I'll be going to Hell for eternity just because of my sexual preference and because I support gay marriages and relationships whole-heartedly. If they love each other, who gives a monkeys about what's between their legs?

As a Christian, I was taught that God does indeed love unconditionally and teaches others to love. But if they're right and God really is a homosexual-hating, narrow-minded being, I'll be happy to reside in Hell for all eternity, because I certainly wouldn't want to worship a being with so much hate."

Also featured was a song the 'church' had written about 'God Hates Fags', and the camera panned on a five-year-old girl singing it. They're even pushing this onto kids, teaching them to be hateful and spiteful just like the rest of them, and it breaks my heart. :/
thinking about these individuals makes my wings burn. one day, they are going to picket the wrong funeral, and they are going to be killed, religious tolerance, freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech aside.
Those policies are the policies of the government, and unlike in the past, the government and it's people are separate. SOMEONE is going to get so infuriated that they write their opinions on the shaft of an aluminum baseball bat and exercise their own freedom of speech all over Phelps' face.

God forbid that my brother fall in the line of duty when he goes overseas in '09, and HIS funeral gets picketed. that SOMEONE just might be me.
and my father.
and my uncles.
and my grandfather.
and all my cousins.
...you get the idea.
I mean, it's so ignorant. If they wanna protest against anything, someone's funeral is definitely NOT the place to do it, let alone something natural like homosexuality. Things like these make me lose faith on people. Honestly, imagine you and your family were at a funeral and probably extremely sad, and some guy showed up and started picketing. Ugggh.
star Wrote:let alone something natural like homosexuality.

These people do not believe homosexuality is natural. People are closed minded and nothing anyone can tell them will change the way they are. Yes, what they are doing is horrible, but everyone will get what they deserve in the end.
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