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Full Version: Prehistoric tropical bird predecessor -- lasting feelings
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Hello all,

How are you doing? I'm writing in now because I've actually been having some 'kin-related feelings. The...visual part of this has been a long time coming. Instead, I've been feeling out what seems to be accurate so far as the skeletal analogue is concerned.

The biggest thing that was causing me some confusion was this feeling of having very long fingers which would be similar in structure to a bat's wing without the membrane, but not being quite a batlike wing because of the lack of membrane. These, I feel sprouting from my upper back at times, and I've finally figured out that there can be featherlike appendages on each finger, even though in modern birds the fingers are most often fused into one, with the thumb complex forming the alula.

An alula is just a hinged tuft at the front of the wing that birds lift when they land; I think but am not sure that it is used to cause turbulence in the air flow over the wing. (I'm getting this from memories of poring over a bird encyclopedia I got when I was a small child...)

Anyway, the major feeling from that was larger arms and hands, shifted more towards my back than the placement of my human arms, often fanned in display (high energy, hostility, emotional arousal, etc.), with each finger able to move without being bound to the others. The color feels glossy with a yellowish-buff ground color, almost metallic, but not quite gold. More like a yellow ochre with a faintly metallic luster; I'm reminded of cedar waxwings.

The two other things I'm definite on, are a crest at the top of the head which is lifted when interested in something or consciously aware; and tufts at the ears which act like sound funnels and can be raised, lowered, pivoted, etc. in order to display emotion or attention. At first I thought this was an elflike thing (which didn't make sense, because I have almost no connection to elves in my life [no offense to the elves here]) and then later realized that it could be something else. At first I was like, "monkey?" But a monkey with pointed ears and tufts on the ears along with a crest, didn't make sense, unless we were getting away from the ear structure of every primate I've ever seen.

I'm still not entirely certain how these are formed...though I get the impression that there might be some external ear formation that the tufts are rooted into and controlled from -- which is also different from every bird I know of. Owls (like all other birds I've known of) don't have external ears, though they do have ear tufts and most (if not all) North American ones have feathered facial discs which funnel sound into the ear...

Aside from this, there is still the feeling of a relatively long, jointed tail which likes to make "S" curves back and forth. Earlier in my life I thought this was related to dogs...but a tail with stiff feathers on each lateral side might work, without being torn apart by the motion. In that, I'm thinking of Archaeopteryx. I'm also thinking, though, that this being is a climber. Climbing and diving (as versus using powered flight -- which may be impossible for a being over 45 lbs. in Earth's gravity, as was theorized sometime prior to 1990), plus using these rounded articulated wings and long flexible tail for agility in falling and catching other tree limbs, sounds like me.

The rest of this is not quite definite, but I do still have memories of strong grasping claws which are identified with my arms and hands, although this would make me legless with hands and wings. I'm thinking that the identification with my arms and hands, though, might be related in functionality more than in placement. And then, recently, I've been able to envision a strong, hooked beak, overlaid on my face. This is something that's been missing for the entirety of my life up to now, and it's probably the part of this with the least support.

Now that I've got that somewhat sorted out, I still don't really know much about why I feel this or what the habits are of the being I'm emulating. (I only count it as emulation because even if this were a past life, I'm not that being in material form, right now.) Both parrots and owls have strong claws, though I know only parrots to climb on the undersides of tree limbs (another fragment from another time). And climbing and diving, plus my flashes of vision, place me in a warm rainforest environment...which I suppose there have been more of on this planet in the past. Problem with rainforests is that everything rots and is reused; as far as I know, fossils are difficult to find from those areas because nothing's preserved.

<!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile --> Just needed to get that out, somewhere.

I'm going to go shower now. ;P
Do you have a sense of size for this? If so, it might help you narrow down the specific species of something like an Archaeopteryx.
Well, most of my visualizations are overlaid on top of my human body. In that scale, my claws and wings are proportionally larger than my present-day arms and hands. However, after thinking about this, I'm guessing a wingspan of about 14"-16" and a length of about 16" with tail (about half of that being tail), feels most correct. I'd be about the size of a cockatiel.

I've also heard that even little parrots, though (like parrotlets, distinct from budgies), don't necessarily know they're little...they just have the brain of a macaw in a small body. <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
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