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Full Version: Getting to know myself and other fae
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What it says on the tin really.. except if that tin contains iron. *hisses and scuttles away*

In all seriousness though, I wear a stainless steel ring so the iron thing obviously doesn't affect a human body.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I've always been drawn to stories of the fae, magic etc. What I'm trying to work out is if I am fae and if so what kind. Also, I see wings in my energy field. I see them in my mind as opposed to feeling them so that makes me think they're not simply a hallucination.

I tried to draw them just now but can't seem to make that work, so, they're scalpel shaped, turquoise blue, and have a wing membrane that varies between pale silver and white. When it's white the wing structure tends to look more sky blue or even translucent.

Does anyone have any thoughts?


Hey Lafae,

Welcome to the boards, first off, second that is a great question to start with.

Unfortunately as I'm sure you have found, those questions are difficult to answer.

How long have you been experiencing things such as this?

And also, yeah, all those things about iron don't really come into play since the whole being Human thing.
Hi Terro,

I've been experiencing the wings for about a year or so, but experienced a resonance I suppose, as soon as I encountered the otherkin idea.

How did you realise you were an Angel?
I wouldn't say that I really realized I was or am an Angel par se.

Over the years I have had experiences, dreams and other such things that I believe are evident of past life experiences or memories surfacing. I have experienced the sensation of wings and armor and the like. These began around my adolescence and have endured through the present.

these have lead me to the belief that I am an incarnate Angel. I unfortunately do not have any way to prove this of course, so I continue to search and explore to find hopefully more truth.
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