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Full Version: energetic reasons for vegetarianism/veganism?
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So here we go about the other major insight I got today, though I'm not certain it's really an "insight" as such, more than a "thought." It does, however, seem to make sense to me.

The idea is, basically, that in order to remain healthy, don't take into your body the bodies of those who have (profoundly?) suffered. The implication of this is not necessarily to avoid eating all meat totally, but to avoid eating meat from, say, factory farms, where the animals are obviously suffering. Meat from an animal who lived a happy life should be OK, given at least that it doesn't have buckshot or radioactivity in it. <!-- sTongue --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz" /><!-- sTongue --> Milk from happy cows and unfertilized eggs from happy hens should also be OK. But how do you source that, really, other than growing your own dairy operation? Or taking trips out to artisan dairies and feeling the energy coming off of the cows &etc.? Finding a friend who has hens that are content to run around in the backyard and eat wild, un-poisoned bugs, you know?

Note that I'm not intending for this thought to be unquestioned; but to someone who has charged physical items (nearly all of the intentional ones [not counting childhood stuffed animals] being crystalline, however) with their own energy, it does make sense. To someone who has felt differing energies in their own body, it makes sense. If I can charge (or clear) something external to me, I should also be able to charge (or clear) myself. If I can do that, other animals may carry energies within their own bodies, as well; though it's questionable as to whether they would consciously be able to expel bad energy. (interesting note: "bad energy" translates in Japanese to "byouki", which means "illness.")

The body of what one eats would be affected by the emotions that being felt during its life, just like our own bodies are affected by our emotions. At the very least there should be a chemical difference; at the most, one risks taking in some really nasty stuff, both physically and energetically. And I don't know if it's within most people's grasp to "clean" or purify that energy or food, once it's in them, or if their own bodies take on the energy of what they've eaten.

Maybe a better point here is (if this premise holds water): to protect oneself, one shouldn't eat the bodies of animals who have chronically and severely suffered, and one should clear one's own energy regularly. If one knows how. And I only know one method as to how, at this point.

I've just been thinking about, essentially, cancer. In the two cancer cases I've personally witnessed, there were definite chaotic undertones to the peoples' energies before they passed away -- I'm not sure how else to put it. It was energy that was unstable; like I've been when I've felt like lashing out, screaming, harming, etc. I'm not sure if it was sourced from their cancers or from them. Both of them were also essentially emotionally suffering; I think both of them used nicotine to attempt to escape from it (though it's more likely the first had heavy metal and other toxicities in addition, which led to her case -- she had breast cancer, not lung).

The other thing that this brought up was the idea of GMOs and what might go on with a plant's programming once alien DNA is introduced. I wouldn't even really be concerned about this, except for the fact that I know about certain "hybrid" parrots who are mixes between species which would never meet each other in the wild. Often enough, these parrots are torn between two separate sets of instincts, don't know which to follow, and end up having emotional problems or basically becoming dysfunctional/going crazy because of the situation they're in. Obviously, parrots are very highly intelligent, whereas we can't really say that about wheat, for example. But I suppose it's something to think about...

Anyhow, I thought this was an interesting thing maybe to consider or talk about. I'm not vegetarian or vegan, but if I took on this belief on a more permanent basis, I can see where I might become mostly-vegetarian.
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